10 Unique Vertical Gardens for Creative Gardeners

Discover the art of vertical gardening with our guide, ’10 DIY Vertical Gardens for Unconventional Gardeners’. Perfect for those who love to think outside the box, this collection offers innovative and creative ways to maximize your gardening space. Whether you’re dealing with a small balcony, a compact backyard, or simply want to add a unique twist to your gardening routine, these vertical garden projects are designed to inspire. Each idea comes with detailed instructions and tips, ensuring that even novice gardeners can achieve stunning results. Embrace the vertical gardening trend and transform your space into a lush, green sanctuary with these unconventional and eye-catching designs.

Framed Succulent Garden

If you want a vertical garden but don’t think you have much space to work with, this idea by Luna See will come as a relief! You can fit your greens within a simple frame and create an enchanting small garden! Succulents are very sustainable and therefore ideal for first-time gardeners!

Ladder Garden

This vertical garden has no competition. It is simple and practical, suitable for any home, balcony or back yard. You can tell it’s a winner just by looking at it! According to Ana White it will only cost you 20$ to make, which is an incredible bargain considering its useful value! We give this one 10/10!

Pockets Garden

How to have your own herb garden but save on space? Make a vertical garden and organize your herbs into pockets! This is such a great life hack!  It is an incredibly efficient, organized and neatly-looking way of gardening. Your grandma would be so proud! Find the how-to at Instructables!

Hanging Garden

We’re loving the vibes of this hanging herb garden! If you’re wishing for some greens that you could keep indoors, this project is what you’re looking for! You can hang this garden just about anywhere you find handy (as long as there’s sunlight!) and you’ll always have your herbs at hand when you’re cooking! This great idea comes from Pioneer Settler!

Pyramid Garden

What a creative way to go about a vertical garden! Imagine how easier it must be working through it than if you spent all the time crouched at the ground! Your lower back and your plants will both love this pyramid arrangement, so hurry over to Remove and Replace and get the instructions!

Vertical Terra Cotta Garden 

Got some terra cotta planters at hand? You can stack them up and make a fabulous looking vertical garden! This project may be incredibly simple, but it breeds amazing results! There’s nothing better than home grown greens – get your tutorial at Grace and Good Eats.

Modern Garden

You don’t have to be a gardening enthusiast to fall in love with this vertical garden! It is very useful if you have toddlers or pets and want to keep some of the plants out of their reach. Not to mention the simple wooden design that proves just how beautiful minimalism can be! Find the detailed tutorial at Man Made.

Vertical Block Garden

How unique is this garden?! The blocks are a really great way to make sure all of your plants have some personal space – yes, even they need that sometimes! With this garden, plants will always have a place in your home and your wall will look incredibly lively! East Coast Creative will show you how to make it!

File Organizer Garden

If you can afford a cheap file organizer you can afford a stunning vertical garden. Don’t believe us? We’ll let Home Goods make their case with this lucrative vertical garden that is made from, you guessed it, a classic file organizer! Once again the day is saved by office supplies!

Pipe Garden

While it looks but subtle, once the greens start growing this pipe garden will be a real eye candy! By planting your greens into pipes you will save so much space and make even the dullest back yard look amazing! If you are nodding in enthusiasm, Pioneer Settler has the details!

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