12 Awesome Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Here, we’ve rounded up our favorite painted pumpkin ideas in the hopes that they’ll inspire you to create something truly special with your family this October.

1. Pumpkin carving tips and tricks

The outspoken Yam.

2. DIY crayon drip pumpkins

Thrifty Jinxy

3. Neon paint dipped pumpkins

A Night Owl

4. Carved and painted ghost pumpkin

The Pinning Mama

5. Amazing eyeball porch pumpkins

Woman’s Day

6. Cool leaf pumpkin etching

From China Village

7. Mickey Mouse pumpkin made with mini pumpkins


8. Easy mummy wrapped pumpkin

Everyday Reading

9. Super easy pumpkin carving for kids

New Mom at 40

10. Pumpkin carving with simpler shapes for beginners

Blast Aloud

11. Kid-friendly owl shaped jack-o-lantern

Mad Mum of 7

12. Easy drilled pumpkin project

One Little Project

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