12 Easter DIY Bunnies

Let me say this. If you like cute DIY recipes and crafts, Easter has no equal. The proof lies below in these amazing 12 Easter DIY crafts and recipes.

1. Reclaimed Wood Easter Bunny 

My Recipe Confessions

2. Sock Bunny 

A Pumpkin & A Princess

3. Bunny Bookmark 

Easy, Peasy and Fun

4. Fabric Bunnies 

The Little Fabric Shop

5. Pom Pom Bunny 

Mom on Time Out

6. Burlap Bunny

Kimberly’s DIY!

7. Pudding Bunnies 

Passion for Savings

8. Easter Bunny Box

Little House on the Corner!

9. Rustic Bunny 

J-Man and Miller Bug

10. Wooden Easter Bunny 


11. Adorable and Soft Easter Bunnies 


12. Decoupage Bunny 

Little Birdie Secrets

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