13 Cute Crafts For Toddlers

Collect your rocks, paper and cotton balls and get crafting! It’s just that easy to stimulate those young minds. Take it from MaryAnn F. Kohl, an author, educator and founder of Bright Ring Publishing. “Art may seem like fun and games — and it is! — however, children are actually learning by exploring art activities.”

1. Tips for doing crafts with little kids

Design Mom

2. Easy clean up tips for crafting with little kids

Stir the Wonder

3. Tape peeling activity

Making Danish

4. DIY pom pom drop game

Hands On as We Grow

5. Cloud dough

Powerful Mothering

6. Dried flower sensory “soup”

A Crafty Living

7. “Witch’s brew” soap foam sensory bin

Views From a Step Stool

8. Flower printing

Learning 4 Kids

9. Marshmallow print paintings

Learn, Play, Imagine

10. Spray bottle art

Adventure In a Box

11. Card slot drop game

Busy Toddler

12. Stick painting

Creating Creatives

13. Easy DIY light table

No Time for Flashcards made this fantastic toddler light table! Their tutorial even gives you suggestions for what kinds of things to use on it for maximum fun at play time.

14. Torn paper collages


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