14 Amazing DIY Christmas Stockings

These 14 DIY Christmas stockings are perfect to hang on the mantle this year, and the perfect way to start your holiday crafting too!

1. DIY pastel, pom poms, and late stockings

One O!

2. Branch slice and wood bead Christmas stocking

Our Crafty Mom

3. Lined Christmas stocking with a knit cuff and trinket with pom poms and bells

Lovely Indeed

4. DIY pom poms stocking

A Beautiful Mess

5. Hexagon crochet Christmas stocking

My Poppet

6. Upcycled knit sweater stocking with monograms and button embellishments

Johanna Rundel

7. Fair Isle patterned leather stocking


8. Simple linen and leather Christmas stocking

Always Rooney

9. Burlap Christmas stocking

Craft Passion

10. Rose gold sequin stockings

Dainty Dress Diaries

11. Visible stitch and felted ball Christmas stocking

Tell Love and Party

12. Cute personalized dog Christmas stocking

Pillar Box Blue.

13. Mermaid sequin monogram stockings


14. Cuffed velour Christmas stocking

Mary Martha Mama

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