14 Awesome Corner Kitchen Ideas

There are plenty of ways to make this space totally functional, or at the very least, look cute. The top of your cabinets are no longer going to be the eyesore of your kitchen.

1. Although the full-height pantry cabinet will take up some counter space of your kitchen, it provides many more room for storing produces:

Image via: tumbledrose.com

2. Corner sink can be a practical and beautiful use for a corner of L-shaped kitchen:

Image via: suburban-bees.com & diynetwork.com

3. Install a turntable organizer to steal back lost corner storage space. Lazy Susan can make kitchen items very accessible in that hard-to-reach corners:

Image via: bhg.com & diamondcabinets.com

4. Entirely remove the door from the corner cabinet, then install those large hooks in the top surface of the cabinet to hang pots and pan.

Image via: thekitchn.com

5. A 45-degree-angled stack of drawers work well in awkward kitchen spaces like corner cabinets:

6. Another version of Lazy Susan, these spinout or pullout shelves rotate out of the cabinet for easy access:

Image via: houzz.com  &  enzyliving.blogspot.com

How does it work:

More details at: familyhandyman.com

7. Turn that hard to use space into a very simple home office where at least is a usable legroom and you can do a litttle work on a laptop:

Image via: houzz.com

8. Replace a corner cabinet with glass gallery cabinet or open shelve to create an attractive kitchen feature:

Image via: houzz.com & houzz.com

Image via: daisymaebelle.com

9. Setting a corner oven or stove is a great way to get rid of those hard to reach corner cabinets:

Image via: pinterest.com

10. Paint a different color on this corner cabinet which has drawers underneath:

11. Add some hooks inside of the corner cabinet doors to maximize the storage space:

Image via: sweetpickinsfurniture.com

Image via: harlancabinets.com

Image via: finehomebuilding.com & theshabbycreekcottage.com

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