14 Cool Hanging Decorations For Your Home

Sometimes, painting is just not enough to make a room pop or stand out. Yes, you could paint a mural, and yes, you could hang up average picture frames.

1.Colorful Hammock–

Via porch.com

2.Bunches of Butterflies

via: mymodernmet

3.Hang a dream Catcher

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via: nikly

5.Paper Lanterns All the Time

via: houzz

6.Hanging mesh shelves Stuffed with Toys

via:  30 Brilliant Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas to Inspire You

7. Privacy Screen Fun

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8.Moroccan Lanterns Change the Mood

via: houzz

9.Planters Hang Around Making You Smile

Via: blessmyweeds.com

10.Kids’ Swing Beds Rock-a-By

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11.Suspender Chair

12.Bean Bag Suspender Chair

Via: Bean Bag Chair + Hammock

13.Suspended cooking pit

via: houzz

14.Bird Cages

via: houzz , houzz

15.Paintings or Photos Hanging from String

via: houzz

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