14 DIY Tomato Trellis

Whether short or tall, big or small, I’ve got a list of different options which will help ensure your tomatoes have the support that they need to give you huge quantities of fresh produce!

1. Tomato cages from cattle panels

Growing a Greener World

2. Tomato cage/stand hybrid

Old World Garden Farms

3. Wood frame tomato cages

Ella Claire Inspired

4. Easy garden obelisk

Flower Patch Farmhouse

5. DIY PVC pipe tomato cages

I Dream of Eden

6. Folding tomato ladder

Mother Earth News

7. DIY tomato teepee

The Elliot Homestead

8. Wood and twine tomato cafe

Fifth Floor Diversions

9. Bamboo tomato cage

The Painted Hinge

10. High, X-frame, vertical tomato stand to grow many at once

A Piece of Rainbow

11. Tomato trellis archway

Learning and Yearning

12. The “indestructible” tomato trellis

Caboose Spices

13. Tall A-frame tomato trellis

The Vegetable Gardener

14. Making a Florida weave tomato trellis

This Natural Dream.

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