15 Cool DIY Bean Bag Chairs

If you’re on a budget and have a knack with the sewing machine, there’s no more affordable or quicker-to-make seating solution than a DIY beanbag chair. Scroll down for five favorite examples from around the Web!

1. 30 Minutes

Project Nursery

2. Giant

So Much To Make

3. With A Handle

Living With Punks

4. iPad Stand

Sewn Up.

5. Makeover

Design Sponge

6.  Football

Hallmark Channel

7. Otomi Stencils

Stencil Stories

8. Rollie Pollie

Paper Tape & Pins

9. Pyramid


10. Pillowcase


11. Extra Cozy

So You Think You’re Crafty.

12. Denim

Michele Made Me

13. For Toddlers

Wife in Progress

14. Dolls

Real Coake

15. Simple

Woman’s Day

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