15 Cool Ideas For Making Your Coffee Anywhere

From Entertaining quips on t shirts to inspirational sayings on dish towels. It only makes sense to set up places where this enjoyable quaff can be easy to brew, in an attractive area.

1. A coffee pot on one side, a single serve coffee maker on the other side, and attractive cups hanging above, so you can take your time with friends, or sit alone.

2. Set up a combo coffee maker. It can make either a whole pot or one cup. Put a few cups nearby, and you have anything you need.

3. Make a small corner feel like your own restaurant with a single serve brew machine, a basket of flavored creams, some sugars and a fun sign.

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4. Freshen up your coffee corner with a hanging light, a plant, and a travel mug at the ready. Then you can rush out the door, if need be.

Source: decoholic.org

5. Go retro with your coffee goody shelf. Try an old fashioned coffee grinder and a row of cup hooks.

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6. Make it portable by putting flavors, creams, napkins and towels on a wheeled cart.

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7. Don’t just hang your cups. Make them stand out in your kitchen decor. Like an umbrella frame with cup hooks.

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8. Coffee makers can go any place. Try one in the library, or the living room.

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9. Coffee extras—stirrers, sugar, creams, flavors—take up very little room. They can be kept in a small pantry.

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10. Or go all the way with a coffee bar. Whiskey, spiced rum, amaretto, peppermint Schnapps—are just a few liquors that go well in coffee.

11. Love to collect cups? Put up shelves and hangers and prepare to have a home coffee station like no other.

12. Some home coffee station ideas are more traditional. Try setting everything up on the dining table.

Source: houzz.com   houseofturquoise.com

13. Trying to stay connected? Have a blackboard or easy erase board by your coffee area. That way, no matter how busy everyone is, you are still able to keep in touch all the time.

Source: dearlillieblog.blogspot.com

14. Ever wish your home coffee station idea had everything? Try a cart with coffee-making machine, a clip-on lamp, cups hanging on the wall, and a black board.

Source: livesimply.me

15. Cup hooks and baskets make your shelves hold more than you think they will. You can still have room for creams and decorations. This means you can use an old shelf wisely without spending a lot of money, and it will look great.

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