18 Amazing DIY Recycled Bottle Ideas

You can use the plastic bottles to create a party lights, jewelry stand, sprinkler or something else. Many of these project are very simple and require not much time. Look at these ideas and choose something for yourself or inspire to create something new.

Plastic Bottle Birds Feeder:

Image: google

Earthday Plastic Bottle Lighting:

Image: easypapercrafts

Plastic Bottles Flower Pots Hanging:

Image: helloglow.co

Plastic Bottle Door Wreath:

Image: nanobuffet

Plastic Bottle Made Into A Bird Feeder:

Image: heckfridays.blogspot

Plastic Bottle Cap Wall Art:

Image: wefollowpics

Plastic Bottles External Wall Decoration:

Image: greatindex.net

Jewelry Stand: DIY

Image: epbot

Plant Pots From Plastic Bottles:

Image: homesthetics.net

Plastic Bottle Vase:

Image: onehowto

Bottle Closures:

Image: designanddiymagazine

Bottle Chandelier:

Image: dollarstorecrafts

Plastic Bottle Drip Catcher:

Image: usefuldiy

Plastic Bottle Snowflakes:

Image: naver.jp

Recycled Bottle Crafts Idea:

Image: google

Plastic Bottle Wind Chime:

Image: 2ndfunniestthing

Plastic Bottles Vertical Gardening:

Image: chuansong

Plastic Bottle Wall Art Design:

Image: boredpanda

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