20 Cool Puppet Crafts For Kids

Most of the paper bag puppets I’m sharing today are from right here on I Heart Crafty Things and the other few are from some of our favorite kids craft bloggers.

DIY Paper Dog Hand Puppet:

Tutorial: redtedart

How To Make a Puppet:

Tutorial: instructables

Cute DIY Minion Stick Puppets:

Tutorial: livingwellmom

How To Make Cereal Box Turkeys Puppets:

Tutorial: myplumpudding

Simple DIY Penguin Puppet Craft:

Tutorial: artsymomma

DIY Muppet-inspired Envelope Puppet:

Tutorial: b-inspiredmama

Adorable DIY Bunny Hand Puppets:

Tutorial: purlsoho

Make Butterfly Paper Hand Puppet:

Tutorial: easypeasyandfun

DIY Personalized Photo Finger Puppets:

Tutorial: stillplayingschool

Unique DIY Paper Bag Animal Puppets:

Tutorial: 86lemons

Make Monster Finger Puppets for Kids:

Tutorial: ehow

DIY Kid-Made Puppets:

Tutorial: familymaven

Amazing DIY Hop-up Bunny Puppet:

Tutorial: mermag

How To Make Paper Finger Puppet:

Tutorial: diyinspired

Easy DIY Finger Leg Puppet:

Tutorial: picklebums

Create 5 Little Pumpkins Felt Finger Puppets:

Tutorial: preschoolpowolpackets

DIY Insect Finger Puppets:

Tutorial: marthastewart

Create Your Own Dog Puppet:

Tutorial: attackofthecraft

DIY Muppet Puppet Tutorial:

Tutorial: instructables

Cute DIY Googly Monster Finger Puppets:

Tutorial: leftbraincraftbrain

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