50+ DIY Gift Wrap Projects

1 Potato Stamped Paper. Potato Stamped Paper: Your home for all things Design. Home Tours, DIY Project, City Guides, Shopping Guides, Before & Afters and much more (via Design Sponge)


2 Polka Dot Stamped Paper


Polka Dot Stamped Paper: This is the simplest DIY of all time. Seriously. I had been… Read more (via The House That Lars Built)

3 Hand Printed Fabric Gift Wrap


Hand Printed Fabric Gift Wrap: during my maternity leave, I asked a few of my favorite mamas and mamas-to-be to kindly step in with some fun guest posts to keep you company Hi every (via Unruly Things)

4 Gift Wrap with a Chalkboard Look


Gift Wrap with a Chalkboard Look: Learn how to wrap a gift and use chalk markers for a chalkboard look. Watch our easy to follow how-to video. (via Nashville Wraps)

5 Origami Paper Boxes


Origami Paper Boxes (via Pinecone Camp)

6 Measuring tape pops against plain brown paper


Measuring tape pops against plain brown paper: Hello Friends, it is Leslie with Color Me Pretty for January. This month I have been thinking about lemon (via decor8)

7 Wordless Wrap Universal Wrapping Paper


Wordless Wrap Universal Wrapping Paper (via Fancy)

8 Fun with Fonts


Fun with Fonts (via Bugs and Fishes)

9 Map Wrapping Paper


Map Wrapping Paper: If you’re anything like us, you have a pile of gifts building up that need to be wrapped! Today, Emma and I are sharing four super simple gift wrap ideas that we did with supplies we already had laying around. Enjoy… For this first look (pictured above) you’ll need some craft wrapping paper, tape, scissors and vintage trims. We have a huge collection of kitschy trims from the 1970s that… (via A Beautiful Mess)

10 Rolled Printed Paper Wrap


Rolled Printed Paper Wrap: Print your own custom holiday cards and wrapping paper with these tree stamps made from a lint roller and bottle cap! (via Handmade Charlotte)

11 Professional Looking Gift Bags


Professional Looking Gift Bags: Hi guys! It’s Mandi, from Making Nice in the Midwest. Sometimes before a party, you can find me scurrying around our house in a tizzy because I forgot to buy wrapping supplies for a gift that I’m supposed to be taking with me! I’m not always that forgetful, but when I am, being able to quickly whip up a pretty little gift bag sure is a relief. If I have… (via A Beautiful Mess)

12 Photo-Accented Gift Wrap


Photo-Accented Gift Wrap: We’ve teamed up with Fawn DeViney this holiday season on some inspiration shoots (hip hip!) It turns out this just might be the most wonderful time of the year after all! Check out this DIY shes put together on how to wrap up your favorite gifts. Whether you have a tree to put (via Artifact Uprising)

13 Nature Inspired Gift Wrap


Nature Inspired Gift Wrap: I love a nicely wrapped present – even though they’re just going to get ripped apart. I always enjoy coming up with fun ways to add a little something to each present to admire while it’s waiting to be opened. (But I always procrastinate on my Christmas shopping and never have the time to wrap them (via The Merrythought)

14 Scrapbook Paper Tags


Scrapbook Paper Tags: Check out this super simple and fun paper craft for a homemade christmas gift tag – using the endless possibilities of scrapbook paper! (via One Dog Woof)

15 Salt Dough Tags


Salt Dough Tags (via Oleander and Palm)

16 Embossed Metallic Gift Tags


Embossed Metallic Gift Tags: Elmers recently sent me a Craft It! box full of cool craft tools and supplies, and I created these quick and easy metallic gift tags in support of their new Craft It! Community, where you can find lots of inventive… (via Paper Crave)

17 Leather Stamped Tags


Leather Stamped Tags: I recently picked up a leather stamping kit and I’m pretty pumped about the possibilities! Wallets, purses, journals, bracelets I want to stamp everything (!!!). So, it’s a set of metal stamps with a metal setter tool that you use to hammer each stamp into the leather to leave a permanent impression. Basically, it’s just short of magic (really, really loud magic!). Supplies: -leather stamping kit (letter stamps, setter, hammer) -leather… (via A Beautiful Mess)

18 Cut Out Heart Wrapping Paper


Cut Out Heart Wrapping Paper: Guys! I kind of have a thing for gift wrapping lately and… Read more (via The House That Lars Built)

19 Pencil Idea


Pencil Idea (via Adelle)

20 Potted Amaryllis Gift Wrap


Potted Amaryllis Gift Wrap: Use these crepe-paper wraps — inspired by amaryllis petals — to dress up amaryllis plants you give as presents. They will cover the plain plastic pots and serve as gift wrap. (via Martha Stewart)

21 Wrapping Gifts with Shirts


Wrapping Gifts with Shirts (via DIY How-to, Style, Design)

22 Pom Pom Paper


Pom Pom Paper (via The Paper Mama)

23 Mouse Gift Wrap


Mouse Gift Wrap: Make an entire family of holiday mouse-wrapped gifts to put under the tree and watch children’s faces light up when you ask them who stole the cheese! (via Handmade Charlotte)

24 Furoshiki Gift Wrap


Furoshiki Gift Wrap (via Evermine Occasions)

25 Cross Stitched Gift Tags


Cross Stitched Gift Tags: Everyone here at The Pretty Blog loves giving creatively and that’s why we adore how Blankspace has decided to give as the festive season approaches. You have got to love such a generous heart – especially one so creative! (via The Pretty Blog)

26 Recycled Magazine Bows


Recycled Magazine Bows: Read Whole Living’s Read, Wrap Recycle: Make Bows from Magazines article. Also get eco-friendly living ideas, green cleaning & travel tips, natural & organic meals, plus vegetarian recipe at WholeLiving (via Whole Living)

27 Gold-Accented Gift Wrap


Gold-Accented Gift Wrap: We love Michaela and Lotta’s work philosophy. Design, create and decorate for one reaction: Hey Look! Hence their company’s name, HEY LOOK. They were sweet enough to pass along their talents to share with ya’ll, and seeing as were only 8 days closer to Christmas, um, we think its safe to say that we all (via 100 Layer Cake)

28 Origami Bows Gift Wrap


Origami Bows Gift Wrap: I actually got around to wrapping some presents last night hooray for a glimmer of productivity! Here’s a peek at what will be waiting under the Christmas tree this year 🙂 Kraft pap (via Little White Whale)

29 Mini LED Lights Gift Wrap


Mini LED Lights Gift Wrap: My favorite thing about giving gifts is wrapping them. I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved figuring out fun ways to adorn a gift other than with the usual bow. For example, I got these mini-LED lights to wrap… (via Oh Joy!)

30 Tea Towel Gift Wrapping


Tea Towel Gift Wrapping: I love using tea towels to wrap cook books. I think its a great way to wrap them up that’s a little bit different. Its really simple but looks like you’ve gone to lots of effort. Its nice for house-warming presents too. You need a fairly large tea towel for a regular sized cook book, (via Things for Boys)

31 Pocket Gift Wrap


Pocket Gift Wrap (via willowday)

32 Doily Gift Wrap


Doily Gift Wrap: wrapping pretty presents all day today. I’ve always loved brown paper packages tied up with string but this year i decided to use doilies for an added dose of pretty. i think they look lovely. XO! (via Bleubird)

33 Watercolor Gift Wrap


Watercolor Gift Wrap (via Julep)

34 Twine and Hearts Gift Wrap


Twine and Hearts Gift Wrap: Today we have a fun and adorable DIY for you. One of our favorite things is wrapping gifts to make them look extra special. After all, a beautifully wrapped gift is a present in itself. Our gift wrap heart garland is super easy and will make everyone fall in love with your gifts … [Read more…] (via Smitten on Paper)

35 Cupcake-Paper Carnations


Cupcake-Paper Carnations: Baking liners make sweet gift toppers for Mother’s Day, or anytime. Nesting pastel papers in different sizes — petit four, mini muffin, and cupcake — creates fluffy blooms that will add a flourish to beribboned presents. (via Martha Stewart)

36 Washi Tape Wrapping Ideas


Washi Tape Wrapping Ideas (via Tea for Joy)

37 Wrap using the liners of security envelopes


Wrap using the liners of security envelopes (via Between the lines)

38 Wrap using music sheet


Wrap using music sheet (via SCJohnson)

39 Wrapping using Newspapers


Wrapping using Newspapers (via Adelle)

40 Fabric Ribbon


Fabric Ribbon (via MADE)

41 Sleepy Lion Gift Wrap


Sleepy Lion Gift Wrap: Turn a plain brown paper package into an adorable and whimsical present with this sleepy lion gift wrap. Just add some geometric paper shapes. (via Let’s Wrap Stuff)

42 Paper Gift Bag


Paper Gift Bag (via Hello Sandwich)

43 Wax Paper Bow


Wax Paper Bow: #ElmersHoliday, #Cbais, #GlueNGlitter, DIY Wax Paper Bow, Gift Wrapping ideas (via Whipperberry)

44 Chalkboard Gift Tags


Chalkboard Gift Tags (via Oh The Lovely Things)

45 Gift Box out of Cereal Boxes


Gift Box out of Cereal Boxes: B.Light Design – Designs and projects by Ben Light (via B.Light Design)

46 Decorate a pouch for small presents


Decorate a pouch for small presents (via Oh, Hello Friend)

47 Wrap a Plant


Wrap a Plant: Wish someone an auspicious new year with a jade plant, Crassula ovata. (via Martha Stewart)

48 Fabric Bow


Fabric Bow: DIY Fabric Bow, Fabric Bow Tutorial (via Whipperberry)

49 Paper Cut Outs Wrapping Idea


Paper Cut Outs Wrapping Idea (via Adelle)

50 Interactive Gift Wrap


Interactive Gift Wrap: There are so many fun and creative ideas for wrapping gifts, but most of them are geared more for adults. Usually, kids probably prefer you to wrap their presents in wrapping paper with their favorite TV character on it. Here are a few fun interactive gift wrapping ideas, ways to make the outside of your gift almost as entertaining as the inside. 1. Wrap your gift in simple kraft wrapping (via Lines Across)

51 Easy Yarn Gift Wrap


Easy Yarn Gift Wrap: I love recycling things around the house to use as gift wrap. There is no need to go out to buy anything fancy. All I had to do here is wrap around yarn and tie it off in a knot. The easiest thing Ive done all week. (via Smitten on Paper)

52 Love Letter Gift Wrap


Love Letter Gift Wrap: This pretty gift wrap is decorated with your own handwriting or calligraphy making a very personalized statement of love. (via Lia Griffith)

53 Face Font Gift Wrapping


Face Font Gift Wrapping: There are presents that call for ruffles and lace, and presents that call for fun and games. For the later we’ve designed these fun face package faces to lend a nod of whimsy for birthday gifts this year. They will make your gift memorable, no matter what is inside. I love how each little package (via A Subtle Revelry)

54 Balloon Bow


Balloon Bow (via Giver’s Log)

55 Paper Pyramid Gift Boxes


Paper Pyramid Gift Boxes: These paper pyramid gift boxes are so unique and really easy to assemble. They also come with a free printable template. (via Lines Across)

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