Amazing Bathroom Makeovers

Thrift Bathroom Makeover: Beauty On A Budget

1-53-bathroom-remodel-before-and-afterLooking to refresh your bathroom with a budget makeover? Here is a great example showing you how to change the look by just repainting the wall, adding trim and changing the mirror. The gray wet cement colored wall is so striking with the off-white trim. And the chair rails and faux paneling on the walls actually make the room look bigger. Especially love the mirror which was found at Goodwill for only $12 and painted the same color as the chair rails. Get the tutorial via littlebitofpaint.

Amazing Hall Bathroom Remodel

3-4-bathroom-remodel-before-and-afterThis hall bathroom isn’t big by any means, but the traditional, minimalist style it originally displayed made it look cramped and unappealing. The new style, full of contrasting and decorative pieces gives it a chic vintage-modern style and makes much better use of the available space. Get the tutorial via centsationalgirl.

Small Master Bath Renovation


This small bathroom went from a plain, utilitarian style to a rustic-chic décor, appropriate for this kind of division, thanks to the wood accent of the floor, which is complemented by the small curtain and classic bathroom furniture. Get the instructions via here.

From Blue To Beige Bathroom Renovation


Blue is a classic bathroom color, and this one didn’t look bad by any means. The new, beige-toned decoration gives it warmth and an air of luxury it didn’t have before, though, turning hygiene almost into a spa-like experience. Get the details via colonialonabudget.

Jack and Jill Bathroom Renovation


This is one bathroom that certainly benefitted from the renovation it went through. It was a great choice to maintain the structure of the room and the floors, but the new colors, while quite traditional, give it a much lighter and enjoyable atmosphere. Get the details via whip-stitch

Master Bathroom Makeover Reveal + CD Towers Turned Vanity Storage


This bathroom remodel is a successful case of modernizing a room while maintaining the best of its original décor. While the layout wasn’t changed drastically, the new colors really bring the space up to date, and the little touches really make it a beautiful room. The vanity storage is a great twist, as it adds functionality and storage space to the area. Get the details via thehouseofsmiths.

Master Bathroom Remodel With Blue Painted Walls


This bathroom is a great example of how a paint job can make all the difference in a room’s decoration. The layout and furniture were kept the same, for the most part, but the new, lighter colors make it look more polished and finished – almost unrecognizable, in fact. Get the details via batchelorsway.

Stunning Master Bathroom Remodel


From plain to stunning, this bathroom manages to look completely different while maintaining the same overall layout, thanks to a new backdrop and polished, contrasting furniture, which makes for a modern-rustic appeal. The single mirrors with spotlights over them are a particularly great touch. Get the details via jennasuedesign.

Gorgeous Master Bathroom Makeover


Rustic turned beautifully vintage in this bathroom renovation. The white furniture helps open up the space and the open shelves provide storage while managing to save some of that same space. Get the details via 320sycamoreblog.

Master Bathroom Makeover


This bathroom makeover was clearly needed to help the spacious room reach its true potential. While the layout is mostly the same, the new decoration lets in a lot more light and gives the room a nice, vintage feel. Get the details via lifeonmarsblog.

Coral and Yellow Master Bathroom Makeover



The difference a good polish job and backdrop change can make is patent in this bathroom makeover. The backdrop gives a finished look to the room, while the dark furniture provides contrast and elegance to the décor. Get the details via number-2-pencil.

Beautiful And Peaceful Bathroom Makeover


This bathroom is a rustic-vintage daydream you wouldn’t have dreamed of before the makeover. The layout makes great use of the ample space, while the cream colors give it a peaceful and elegant appeal. Get the details via here

From Brown To White Color Tiny Bathroom Remodel


This bathroom went through a full facelift of a makeover. While the layout change was certainly helpful, it was the change of color from brown to white that made this look much lighter and more spacious. The pop of color and pattern in the shower curtain adds a great twist to the otherwise monochrome décor. Get the details via here.

From Horrid Purple To Heavenly Gray and Beige Master Bathroom Makeover


While this purple bathroom décor is certainly stylish and well put together, it can get old quite fast, which is why it needed a makeover. The new decoration manages to maintain the same layout and interest in a more timeless manner. It also helps open up the space, and make the bathroom look roomier and easier to navigate. Get the details via jennaburger.

From Dark and Dirty to Bright and Clean Master Bathroom Transformation


This dark and heavy bathroom was so outdated that it looked like it belonged in a great house of times past. The makeover managed to maintain the layout while bringing an air of light and modernity to the room, which is exactly what was desperately needed. Get the details via here.

Farmhouse Bathroom Renovation



This bathroom was as standard as they come, but the dark blue of the walls weighted it down. The new, white slab walls give it that quaint, farmhouse appeal in a much cleaner and more interesting way, which is completed by the pops of decoration. Get the details via breidawithab.

Clean And Crisp Bathroom Renovation


This bathroom was beautiful to begin with, but the makeover made it crisper and more spacious, while giving it the trendy rustic feel everyone’s after. Get the details via here.

From Yellow to White Bathroom Renovation


This is another case of a dark and cramped traditional bathroom. The layout remains similar, but the new tiles on the floor and the lighting change are a definite improvement. The contrasting furniture doesn’t make the room look smaller, but rather gives it much needed contrast. Get the details via addicted2decorating.

Modern Bathroom Remodel


This bathroom went through more of an update than remodel. The overall layout and color scheme were rightfully maintained, but the new slab floor adds contrast and interest, as do the decorative elements. Get the details via centsationalgirl.

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel


This bathroom is the personification of farmhouse bathroom done right. The black and white/gray scale color scheme is beautifully elegant, and the furniture is full of elegant, vintage touches. The mixed backdrops add even more interest to the decoration without going too far. Get the details via prodigalpieces.

DIY Bathroom Remodel on a Budget


This bathroom is the personification of farmhouse bathroom done right. The black and white/gray scale color scheme is beautifully elegant, and the furniture is full of elegant, vintage touches. The mixed backdrops add even more interest to the decoration without going too far. Get the details via prodigalpieces.

DIY Bathroom Remodel on a Budget


You could never tell from the end product that this bathroom remodel was a DIY project, such is the improvement. The space was used beautifully and the softly contrasting colors give it a clean and crisp look that is both modern and enjoyable. Get the details via livelovediy.

From Single Sink to Double Sink Bath Remodel


This bathroom remodel is all about making the best use of the space available, and it does just that. The double sink is not only trendier, but also more functional in such a long counter. The vanity area is also much more beautiful and modern than it was originally. Get the details via cre8tivedesignsinc.

Crisp Modern Bathroom Remodel on a Budget


This bathroom not only looked cramped, but also cluttered. The remodel updated the decoration and made it a little crisper and more functional. Get the details via batchelorsway.

Gorgeous Bathroom Remodel


This bathroom remodel is certainly something to write home about. It was a great choice to change the walls and floor, as it gave the room a much cleaner aspect. The lighter colors and smaller vanity area also give the illusion of a bigger and brighter space, which greatly enhances the room. Get the details via lastdayago.

Master Bathroom Budget Makeover: Builder Grade to Rustic Industrial

55-bathroom-remodel-before-and-afterGet the details via blesserhouse.

Rustic Bathroom Makeover


Get the details via thepinktumbleweed.

DIY Bathroom Linen Shelves


Get the details via ellaclaireinspired.

Modern Bathroom Makeover With Metallic Accents, Dark Furniture And White Subway Tile


Get the details via the36thavenue.

Cottage Bathroom Makeover


Get the details via tidbits-cami.

Beachy Bathroom Makeover


Get the details via here.

Update Your Boring Builder Bathtub With Airstone


Get the details via lovelycraftyhome.

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