Amazing DIY Christmas Topper Ideas For Your Tree

Finish off the home decorations with something handmade this year. These 15 DIY Christmas topper ideas are perfect for your tree and are a lot of fun to make at home. Whether you make an afternoon of if with the family or relax on the weekend and get crafty, dive into one of these projects and get your hands dirty with a bit of creativity and festivity!

1. Pipe Cleaners

We’ve been using pipe cleaners for our art projects since we were little but this idea took them to an entirely new level. Thanks to Love, Maegan you can learn how to make one of these sparkling Christmas tree toppers in an easy afternoon. Take the leap now and see how you can recreate it at home, and maybe even use some color if you’d like!

2. Seashells

If you’re living beachside or have a nautical infusion when it comes to holiday decor, add some seashells to the tree. You can see how they made these seashell star toppers over at Sea Things Ventura. All you need is a nice helping of shells in your collection and a glue gun to get started.

3. Starburst

We’re really loving this contemporary starburst topper from Dwellings by Devore. Perfect for more traditional trees or those with modern vision, you’ll love how refined the finished look it. We also think it’d be just as good looking in a metallic silver too!

4. Polka Dots

The Happy Homebodies went with a polka-dot paper star and we love it too! You can use this tutorial to create your very own version, with any color paper or pattern you’d like. You could even make a brand new one every year if your heart desired.

5. Monograms

The family name could always be added to the tree as well. And if you like the way this “M” wrapped in a peppermint style looks, then head on over to BHG and find out how to top your own tree off with something similar. Mini versions would be great on personal trees in different rooms as well.

6. Large Rosette

Martha Stewart whipped up these large rosettes and we felt like they’d also work perfectly as a fun topper to our Christmas tree as well. Coming in a variety of colors and shapes, these work for all kinds (sizes, shapes, etc) of trees – from flocked to thin. Check out the tutorial after the jump.

7. Popsicle Sticks

Popsicle sticks are classic arts and crafts supplies as well. And if you catch this DIY at BHG, you’ll be swooning over what they can be turned into. With a bit of glitter and snow “flocking” you can turn the top of your tree into a snowflake dream.

8. Sweater

Don’t throw out that old sweater. Instead, turn it into something cozy and warm for the tree. Over at Chatelaine, you’ll find this sweater star that we’ve fallen in love with – and so will you traditional, farmhouse-styled tree.

9. Pom Pom

Sugar & Cloth may hold our favorite Christmas tree topper on the list. For an extra bout of fun and color, use pom poms! These extra-large bits are super easy to work with and will end up creating a look that kid-friendly and festive too!

10. Balloon

Then again, a balloon could always do the trick too. Just check out this look from Everything Emily! It’s innovative, it’s fun, it’s certainly festive, and we be the kiddos will get a major kick out of it. Follow along and the jump and see how to make it happen for your own tree.

11. More Glitter

A classic, glitter start is always nice too. Hello Lidy took some paper and created this timeless tree topper that can be used on all kinds of trees – and look great overtime. From contemporary visions to ones that are more traditional, it’s perfect!

12. Rustic Loops

Love, Maegan also made this beautiful, rustic star that we’re loving as well. And it’s quite easy to make – so just take the leap and take a look! It’s got a subtle, rustic vibe that’s great for homes with a more country flavoring to them.

13. Glitter Crown

BHG topped this tree off with a crown. If you’re looking for a more glam way to dress the Christmas tree this year, then this topper will certainly do it for you. Bouts of glitter, you could even make one that looks a bit more like a tiara instead.

14. Woven Paper

Happiness is Homemade went with some sparkle too. Using glitter paper they created a woven star that fit perfectly atop their tree. If this one strikes your fancy, take the leap and start the project tonight!

15. Textured

And finally, if you’re looking for something both simple and traditional, this textured piece from Pretty & Cozy is just for you. Top your Christmas tree with a star and use any kind of print or pattern that fits your vision. We love this neutral piece just as much as we’ve love one with a bit of cranberry too.

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