Amazing DIY Easter Marshmallow Bark Recipes

Marshmallows with white chocolate melts and sprinkles will be bright and tasty for not only kids, but anyone with sweet teeth. And they are kids friendly recipe, too.

Head over Butter with a side of Bread to check the full recipe and tutorial here: Marshmallow Bunny Bark Recipe

. With the recipe, cut your marshmallow bark with cookie cutters, go find the Easter cookie cutters for Easter and other holiday themed cookie cutters for celebration year around. Sarah on Must Have Mom shows her fun recipe here.

The NO BAKE Easter Bunny Bark will be perfect for kids party or gift delivery for Easter. Get the recipe via Blooming on Bainbridge below: Easter Bunny Bark Recipe

And if you just want to change the flavor of marshmallow from store bought ones, try the homemade marshmallow recipes we collected here:

Homemade marshmallow recipes

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