Amazing DIY Furniture Projects

We just moved across the country and decided to sell everything so we have a whole house that needs furniture. I’d love to make some of the pieces ourselves and can’t hurt to save all that money too.

1 Pallet Playhouse.

Pallet Playhouse: Want a fun project that won’t cost much? Got kids and a decent amount of time on your hands? Try using shipping pallets and reclaimed wood to build your kids a funky playhouse. Or use it as a shed. Not only was this project fun, I also traveled a lot and met a great many very nice people who were giving perfectly good materials for little or no money. I spent $200 dollars on this project in 2008-2009. Over a hundred dollars went to paint, the rest to any building materials I couldn’t get for free. Take a look at the pictures. Spend a lot of time on your ideas and then start collecting those pallets! (via jkratman)


2 Pallet Sandbox with Cover


Pallet Sandbox with Cover: A guide to building a DIY sandbox with cover. (via The Owner Builder Network)

3 Pallet Vertical Garden


Pallet Vertical Garden: Your home for all things Design. Home Tours, DIY Project, City Guides, Shopping Guides, Before & Afters and much more (via Design Sponge)

4 Pallet Wall Art


Pallet Wall Art (via it’s just Laine)

5 Rustic Flower Box


Rustic Flower Box: Our Easter weekend was eventful to say the least. Not only was Drew very sick the whole weekend (the doctor told us yesterday it was a 3-5 day virus) but AJs sister, Meredith, got a new heart! We didn’t anticipate either of those things when we volunteered to host Easter. The floors weren’t washed, the (via Migonis Home)

6 Brandbase Pallet


Brandbase Pallet: the existing space was used as a starting position and painted completely white, to provide a homogeneous base for the pallets. the structure itself slowly changes its character accommodating all areas of the office. (via Design Boom)

7 Pallets Picnic Table


Pallets Picnic Table: Here is a fun and useful way to repurpose pallet into a picnic table for your garden ! (via 1001 Pallets)

8 Pallet Adirondack Chair


Pallet Adirondack Chair: Here’s a fun way to reuse wood. Make this Adirondack chair from shipping pallets or other reclaimed lumber. (via jkratman)

9 Garden Pallet


Garden Pallet (via Camelot Art Creations)

10 Pallet Wall


Pallet Wall (via If I Weren’t So Lazy….)

11 Pallet Bathroom Wall


Pallet Bathroom Wall (via Grand design co)

12 Pallet Headboard


Pallet Headboard (via Home by Heidi)

13 Wooden Pallet Reading Nook


Wooden Pallet Reading Nook (via Kojo Designs)

14 Skid Shack From Reclaimed Wood


Skid Shack From Reclaimed Wood: I made a 12 x 16 chalet all out of used skid and crates. Everything was crafted from used and unusedable wood, even the floor is from the runners of skids (via 1001 Pallets)

15 One Pallet Chair


One Pallet Chair: This Adirondack chair was built from just one pallet! Download the Google Sketch Up model here. Here’s how to make splendid material-efficient pallet furniture: 1. Scavenge: Pallets are everywhere. Some are in great conditions and some have a couple of broken beams. Some are free and some cost a couple of bucks. Look for the cheapest pallet which you can use the most lumber from. Also, see if you can get one that has some (thicker) beams that are strong enough to provide support in the furniture. 2. Dismantle Deconstructing a pallet is tricky. It’ s almost inevitable to break a few beams, so be careful. Here are some tips and tricks on how to do it. 3. Measure Group the beams into similar thicknesses, widths and lengths. Then measure the different beam sizes. 4. Model (CAD) Use the measurements to draw the beams in Google Sketch Up. Move, rotate and … (via casvandegoor)

16 Pallet Adriondack Chair


Pallet Adriondack Chair (via Yahoo Lifestyle)

17 Outdoor Patio Furniture


Outdoor Patio Furniture (via Sassy Sparrow)

18 Pallet Wood Bench and Gabion Table


Pallet Wood Bench and Gabion Table: Make pallet bench table : beautiful reclaimed wood furniture are easy to make! Check out the detailed DIY tutorial! (via A Piece of Rainbow)

19 Simple Pallet Bike Rack


Simple Pallet Bike Rack: I’m a lazy maker. I will live with problems for a long time, waiting until I stumble on the simplest, cheapest solution I can imagine. I find that I often end up with elegant, low-tech fixes that are easy to make as well as easy to live with. A recent problem that waited a good long time for a solution was my bicycle-littered porch. My wife and I agreed that we needed a rack to organize a family stable of bikes that numbers (via maudlin)

20 Pallet Potting Bench


Pallet Potting Bench: Want to know how to build a potting bench? Our potting bench plan will give you a functional, beautiful garden potting bench in no time! (via Better Homes and Gardens)

21 Colorful Coat Rack from a Wood Pallet


Colorful Coat Rack from a Wood Pallet (via marieatousprix)

22 Wooden Pallet Chillout Lounge


Wooden Pallet Chillout Lounge: As spring was here, our garden/outdoor space needed a refresh and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money and just buy new furniture or planter boxes so I thought why not try and build it myself…. (via Freckles and Fluff)

23 Fold-Down Murphy Bar


Fold-Down Murphy Bar: Use cedar lumber and a doweling jig to create an outdoor piece that can handle its share of liquor (via This Old House)

24 Pallet Bar and Table


Pallet Bar and Table (via Stacked Design)

25 Wood Pallet End Table


Wood Pallet End Table: Below are directions for a simple end table made from pallets. (via mtairymd)

26 Pallet Ottoman


Pallet Ottoman: Reusing wooden pallets as furniture is not just for industrial interiors or lofts. When I came across the first picture of the pallet coffee table with the glass top, I was inspired to find more examples of different ways to reuse pallets. My favorite use is the office workspace constructed entirely of pallets. (via Apartment Therapy)

27 Pallet Porch Swing


Pallet Porch Swing: I love to make use of things no one else wants. I’ve wanted a swing for my front porch for a while so I started looking online. I found a wooden swing that I loved and immediately got the idea of using a pallet. I found a pallet that was going to be thrown away and started to work (with hubby’s help (via Sheryl Salisbury Photography)

28 Pallet Top Desk


Pallet Top Desk: Here’s an easy way to repurpose and reuse old pallets. Add a pallet top to a table base for an easy desk project. Make a pallet desk from pallet wood. (via Thistlewood Farms)

29 Pallet Twin Beds


Pallet Twin Beds: Twin beds made from recycled pallet wood. (via 1001 Pallets)

30 Pallet Swing Bed


Pallet Swing Bed: Oh the endless things you can do with pallets! A swing bed has been on my “Mike To-Make List” for some time (oh how long that list is! 😉 ). And we’ve had some pallets sitting in the yard just wait… (via The Merry Thought)

31 Pallet Daybed


Pallet Daybed (via Ondawayto Somewhere….)

32 Modular Sectional


Modular Sectional: Hey guys!! I’m back today to share the corner piece plans to the Modular Sectional I built! If you missed the plans for the other pieces you can see them HERE! To print the plans for the corner piece, you can click the image below or HERE. A big thanks to Jay from Jays Custom {…Read More…} (via Shanty 2 Chic)

33 Wood Pallet Patio Chair


Wood Pallet Patio Chair: Part 1 is HERE Welcome to Part 2 / The Build of the pallet wood chair reveal shown yesterday.Guys, this is the easiest build in the world and you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it first!Lets build! Disclaimer: I am a hack styled, self taught builder. I made everything up that you see (via Funky Junk Interiors)

34 Pallet Wood Sofa


Pallet Wood Sofa (via The Ironstone Nest)

35 East Pallet Patio Day Bed


East Pallet Patio Day Bed (via Lovely Greens)

36 Succulent Pallet Table


Succulent Pallet Table: Can you believe that our latest DIY project was once just a couple of junky pallets and some scrappy table legs? Crazy…if I didn’t have photos, I wouldn’t believe it myself. Not too long ago, w… (via Far Out Flora)

37 Pallet Picnic Table


Pallet Picnic Table: Free plans to help anyone build simple, stylish furniture at large discounts from retail furniture. All woodworking plans are step by step, and include table plans, bed plans, desk plans and bookshelf plans. Thousands of readers are saving by building their own home furnishings. (via Ana White)

38 Wood Pallet Swing Chair


Wood Pallet Swing Chair: We AKA my friend Emma and I Decided were given the task of creating outdoor furniture from a total of 4 wooden pallets. After some many days in the lab and couple brief starbucks runs we decided to do something out of the ordinary and create a pallet swing and designed from the ground up based on a picture we found online. In the next couple of steps we show you a brief step by step run down of how to get to the finished item. Items you will need….. jig saw chop saw nail remover hammer screw gun 4 wooden pallets sufficient amount of screws patience metal chain and u-bolts carriage bolts and nuts and finally!! a bearded lanky gouchy engineering teacher who doesn’t give you enough time!! (JOKESS!! DON’T FAIL ME MR Shultz) but like seriously having this will help get your lazy butt in gear (via millsy2254)

39 Coffee Table


Coffee Table (via Saidos da Concha)

40 Vanity Organizer


Vanity Organizer (via Skinny Meg)

41 Rustic Kitchen


Rustic Kitchen (via Style Files)

42 Pallet Pot Rack


Pallet Pot Rack (via A Greenpoint Kitchen)

43 Pallet Planter


Pallet Planter: DIY Pallet Planter box with drawing plans. Fun, easy and inexpensive project. (via Live Laugh Rowe)

44 Pallet Daybed


Pallet Daybed: Your home for all things Design. Home Tours, DIY Project, City Guides, Shopping Guides, Before & Afters and much more (via Design Sponge)

45 Workspace


Workspace: Anima Pictures (via The Office Stylist)

46 Pallet Planter Box


Pallet Planter Box: Rendered image from CAD Drawing (via mtairymd)

47 Pallet Patio Furniture


Pallet Patio Furniture: Come see how we decked out our deck with DIY PALLET FURNITURE – PATIO MAKEOVER! (via Place of My Taste)

48 Pallet Gardening Table


Pallet Gardening Table: Why yes, another pallet project coming your way.I’ve only created 328 pallet projects thus far. well maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration…Anyway, I’ve been busy with creating something new and different using pallets.What did I make? A Pallet Gardening Bench…I’ve never seen this something like this before (maybe it’s on pinterest, but lately it’s been crushing my creative juices so I try to stay clear)Why did I create it? Because I needed a spot of my own to do my gardening and potting. As I’ve said before, gardening isn’t my strong-suit, but when I do enjoy it and hope to get better. Spending hours on the driveway hunched over, is just not happening anymore.And why did I use pallets? BECAUSE THEY’RE FREE. how much better does FREE get… Plus I really like the size & look of pallets. Don’t you?In all, this project cost less than $10 to make and basically the money was spent on hardware.Please Click to Continue Reading… (via Jenna Burger)

49 Pallet Garden Organizer


Pallet Garden Organizer (via Our Little Acre)

50 Pallet Hanging Chair


Pallet Hanging Chair: Very comfortable, very easy to make chair from a pallet and some paracord. I know that there are a lot of different kinds of chair instructables already, but I have never seen a chair like this before. It is so easy to make and it is comfortable because it conforms to your body. I don’t know how I came up with the idea and as I was making it I wasn’t even sure if it would work out. But it did and I am very happy with the results. So here goes- my first instructable. This instructable will show you everything I did to make the chair, but I am sure you will find ways you can customize yours to meet your needs. (via Twotim221)

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