Amazing DIY Mobiles That Will Look Cool In Any Room

1. By blowing up a balloon, putting glue around it, letting it dry, and popping it, you can make these awesome balls which can hang in your house

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2. Pom pom balls and some sticks can make beautiful mobiles like these

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3. This is a simple photo mobile that can look great anywhere!

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4. Using shapes like triangles can make beautifully decorated mobiles like these

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5. Or you can use other geometric shapes to make a mobile like this

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6. There are also hanging plant mobiles you can make!

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7. If you can make origami birds, try out this mobile

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8. You can also use thick/colored paper to make this origami bird display

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9. This is a cool idea! Rolled up newspaper can make printed word mobiles.

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10. The most popular DIY mobiles are the star mobiles like this one

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11. And this one is beautiful too!

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12. Instead of throwing out your egg cartons, you can turn them into beautiful mobiles!

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13. You can also make flower mobiles with soft paper

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14. And colored paper can also be used to make a rainbow like this

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15. But there are still the classic mobiles for nurseries, like the classic nighttime sky

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16. And last but not least, there is this lovely owl display

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