Amazing DIY Picnic Hacks

In order to perfectly execute and awesome picnic, the key is to be prepared. Here, we’ve compiled 26 ways you can improve your picnic game.

1. Clip-on utensils

Oh Happy Day 

2. Mason jar meals

The Decorated Cookie‘s

3. Shower curtain picnic blanket liner

Real Simple 

4. Individual lunch boxes

Style Me Pretty

5. Labelled soup thermoses

6. Spices in wrapped straws


7. Picnic on a bike

8. Table cloth bottle wrap

Martha Stewart

9. Picnic table cooler trench

The Kitchn 

10. Muffin tin condiments

Charter House Interiors

11. Egg cartons to serve food


12. Cupcake liner popsicle trays

13. Egg carton of chocolate filled strawberries

Lily Shop

14. Frozen watermelon pops

Tidy Mom

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