Amazing DIY Table Runners

1. No-sew table runner


This tutorial shows you how to make a table runner using two-sided steam strips to create nice edges rather than sewing them!(Source: Home Oh My)

2. Canvas drop cloth


This look is simple, bohemian, and easy to make. Make sure you cut it to the right size, but don’t worry about being too neat. A bit of irregularity adds charm!(Source: A Daily Something)

3. Stamped table runner


This awesomely worn looking effect was created by cutting a sponge to shape, dipping it in paint, and using it like a stamp! Easy, fun, and messy… but in a good way.(Source: Sarah Hearts)

4. Stitched lace doilies


An eclectic collection of lace doilies sewn together might sound strange, but it’s actually one of the prettiest effects you’ll see when it comes to DIY table runners!(Source: The Sweetest occasion)

5. Chalkboard table runner


A piece of oil cloth painted with blackboard paint makes for the perfect mid-dinner entertainment. Kids ad adults alike will enjoy doodling while they socialize between courses.(Source: Hey Look)

6. Burlap table runner


A strip or burlap down the centre of the table helps establish the perfect rustic chic atmosphere. Don’t worry if it starts to fray! That just makes things even more authentic.(Source: Wedding Chicks)

7. Paper pinwheel table runner


This idea might not be very practical for putting serving dishes on during dinner, but it’s stunningly decorative for tables where the centre isn’t immediately needed to set things.(Source: Green Wedding Shoes)

8. Wood shim table runner


This tutorial shows you how to make an adorable DIY table runner from pieces of wood. In fact, it even shows you how to stain the wood different shades for maximum impression!(Source: Shanty 2 Chic)

9. Vintage photo table runner


Having old photos printed nice and big and attaching them as a runner is an adorable idea for so many occasions! Family wedding photos look great at a wedding, childhood pictures are fun for a birthday party, and family pictures are nice for an anniversary!(Source: Ruffled)

10. Paper flower table runner


Some tables are simply meant to look wonderful. These paper flowers do just that! Choose a colour scheme that compliments the room around your table or get crazy and make flowers of all different colours!(Source: Ruffled)

11. Pebble table runner


Gluing small, smooth pebbles to a solid long base, like cardboard or plastic, makes for an impressive natural runner. It takes patiences, but fitting the pebbles together like a mosaic is a lot of fun!(Source: Home Tips World)

12. Rope table runner


This awesomely rustic rope table runner supports dishes and centre pieces, and it’s way easier to make than you’d think! All you need is a long piece of cardboard, some rope, some strong glue, and some patience.(Source: Vintage Whites)

13. Braided jute table runner


If you like the idea of the simple burlap runner but you’re hoping for something with a little more detail, try weaving strips of jute like a basket!(Source: Tara Dennis)

14. Rainbow felt table runner


Felt is easy to get, easy to work with, and it comes in a whole array of bright colours. A rainbow runner like this one is perfect for kids’ birthday parties or Pride celebrations!(Source: Say Yes)

15. Paint stick table runner


Cutting paint sticks into smaller sections is easy, and so is painting them all kinds of bright colours! Stick them to a thick material base like felt. This runner looks especially cool if you create an interlocking pattern like this one!(Source: Ruffled)

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