Amazing DIY Upgrades For Girl’s Bedrooms

Your child’s bedroom is one of the few places they feel like they have any control over in the home, so it’s important that their room is comfortable for them.

While they can’t really express themselves as babies or toddlers, as they grow older, their likes, dislikes, and hobbies will become clear. This is the time to really overhaul their bedroom, turning it into a place they feel comfortable in. For older teens, having a dedicated area to study or relax is a great idea.

For younger kids, adding a designated play area with a tea set or reading nook can encourage creative, thoughtful play. Have the kids help you pick out the theme and add some DIY projects. They’ll love having a say in how their new room turns out!

DIY Hammock Chair – Looking for a nice spot to curl up next to a window? This hammock chair is the perfect way for young kids and teens to add seating to their room for reading or relaxing.

Glass Gem Tiled Nightstand – Transform any nightstand with the addition of glass gems you can buy at any dollar store. Pick them out in a color that goes with your room’s design, then attach and add a layer of epoxy to coat. Super cute!

Amethyst Crystal Wreath Mirror – This is a great addition to any girl’s room, featuring lovely amethyst crystals around the edges of a circular mirror. Swap the gemstones for any other color to personalize!

DIY Tutu Table – Redesign a simple set of child-sized table and chairs by painting the top and adding a tulle tutu! This project is simple, but requires a whopping 50 yards of tulle!

Flower String Lights – These super cute and colorful  hanging lights are made from cupcake liners! Cut them into the desired shape and add to the lights to create your very own set of lights!

Rainbow String Art – This amazing piece of wall art can easily be made by you or your child. Pick a word or phrase, then go to town!

DIY Hanging Bed Platform – This is a unique way to support your child’s bed, and is sure to impress any friends your kid has over. This project does require a bit more DIY knowledge, so your platform doesn’t damage the ceiling or collapse.

Ballet Barre – For a ballet and dance enthusiast, adding a ballet barre is the perfect way to get them to practice at home. Add a full-length mirror to really do it up right.

Washi Tape Door – While you might not want it on the outside, you can definitely let your kid decorate the side of the door facing into their room. Did we mention this would be an awesome idea for a college dorm too?

Braided T-Shirt Rug – Pick 11 to 13 old tees, then cut them into yarn and begin braiding. This is a project that will require a bit of sewing, but the results are really fantastic and colorful.

Striped Ceiling Fan – Pick up some colorful acrylic paint and add stripes to the blades of a ceiling fan. When the fan is turned on, it’ll create a mesmerizing effect.

Reading Canopy – Add this creative nook to your child’s room or playroom to encourage reading. A cozy chair and the canopy will help them feel as though they’re in their own little world while reading a much beloved book.

Ping Pong Ball Pendant Light – This really awesome project can be done over the course of a weekend, and the brightly-colored results are something to brag about.

Paint Chip Calendar – For a colorful touch of organization, make your own dry-erase calendar using paint chips available at your home improvement store and a large picture frame.

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