Amazing Dorm Room Decorations

In this post we’ve rounded up some creative ideas that help add your own style and get creative with your space.


DIY Dixie Cup Garland. Use double side tape and wrap the entire piece around the cup. Cut an X pattern at the bottom to pop in each bulb at the bottom, string along until you complete this garland. It’s can illuminate your home with its beautiful decor.source


DIY Keepsake Display. Trace circle and trim it out. Squirt glue on the lid and use clip with tale to the collage. Use as many items as possible for beautiful visual effect for girls.source


DIY Stripe Doorway. Use rolls of salmon and mint washi tape to garnish your doorway. All you need to do is taping and trimming. It’s simple yet it turns out so great.source


Giant Confetti Wall. Gather a pile of colorful paper, cut all circles out. Glue on the back and arrange all the circles to your imagination to design the beautiful decor for girls’ dorm room with various colors.source


DIY Marquee Letter. Cut along the letter from the cardboard, cut an asterisk to push the bulb, twist the lights into place to tuck excess cord. It serves as a fashionable decor for your dorm room and gives off elegant illumination as well for girls.source


Night Stand. This vintage turquoise cart is perfect to serve as your night stand with the right height for most beds to pack your night readings with beautiful outlook that girls would appreciate.source


Flower Lights. Cut multi-petal flower from the cupcake paper and cut X in the center, layer cupcake paper to make flowers. It serves as a beautiful decor that girls may like as well as magnificent illumination as well.source


Mini Corkboards. Paint the wooden disks in bright colors, cover it with cork board, it’s so cool to pin your labels or tags to enhance girls’ home decor.source


Chalkboard Table. Glue wood bars parallel and place a board over top, paint the surface with chalkboard paint. It’s so great to spice up an ordinary table in girls’ dorm room.source


Beautiful DIY Floor Cushion. Join strips of the fabric with beautiful pattern in bright color, press the seams. Place a contrasting fabric in the center to make the cushion top look like a pretty flower.source


Brick Book Ends. Spray paint to add the gold color for the brick, decorate it with trims of lace or other fabric for a glamorous, feminine outlook to add up the beauty for the decoration of girls’ dorm room.source


Cover the tape on the cardboard, tape the twinkle lights, wrap twinkle lights around and hang the sign. It’s so great to decorate girls’ dorm room in this dreamy illumination decor.source


Sew This DIY Pouf. Cut the pieces and stitch the sets, press the seams, join the pairs, put all haves together, fill all fabrics inside for the pouf, baste top and bottom pieces, add the decorative stitch to finish this pouf off for your fantastic dorm room decor for girls.source


Geometric Wall Hanging. Lay plastic tarp below the sheet, dip the surface of triangle bock into the paint to print the patterns on to your color. It’s so great to recreate your space in this fashionable way.source


Iron-transfer Floral Duvet Cover. Print images on iron-on transfer paper, use your prepared iron to set the transfer for the pillow you want to print on. It’s so great to sleep in style with this beautiful patterned pillow.source


Twinkling Lights Photo Garland. Pin your favorite pictures on the thread, hang twinkle lights to illuminate your photos alongside for a dreamy and soft look.source


DIY Gem Pushpins. Submerge pushpins in the mold, pop the gems out of the molds once they are dry. Add a paint to your color you prefer for the gems. It’s so great to pin your things on the wall for an art decor.source


DIY Jewelry Display. Drill into the wood to place your screw hooks, arrange all your jewelry as you like to hang in style for a beautiful garnishment.source


Sweet DIY Votives. Glue patterned stripes inside the mason jar to cover it completely. Place only battery operated tea-lights instead of candles to create a dreamy and romantic outlook for your dorm room.source


Dipped Succulent Pots. Tape around the entire pot, paint the pot, once it is dry, let the pot dry and plant your fresh plant to add the natural flavor for your dorm room.source


Cut out headboard according to the shape you like, tape the fabric to cover the board completely, hang the headboard behind the bed to add up a beautiful decor for your dorm room.source


DIY Geometric Photo Display. Use bronze jewelry cord to create a stunning background to display all your photos. Use little binder clips to attach all your pictures. It’s so great to decorate your dorm room in this fantastic geometric decor and display your sweet memories.source


Mask tape in place and paint a coat of paint over the glass and frame, peel off the tape when it is dry, hang the frames to set a stunning visual effect for your dorm room.source


Blossoming Flower Cone Wall Display. Create cones from cardstock, punch 2 holes at both sides, take the string to hang the cone pointed-side down. Arrange the cones on the wall and place some flowers in them to create the beautiful wall art for your dorm room.source


DIY Pom Pom Rug. Choose a color of yarn and wrap it around, tie a strand around the middle and cut the ends to make the pom pom. Create the rug using pom poms as you like. Arrange pieces of yarn in a grid, tie each pom pom to turn out your design to add color, texture and comfort to your dorm room.source

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