Amazing Frugal Garden Art Ideas You’ll Be Desperate To Try

Having a gorgeous garden doesn’t need to be expensive. In fact, you can add all sorts of fun art and projects to your garden for as little as one dollar!

Our list is complete with gorgeous art projects you can do yourself. Each project can be done with objects you either already have at home, or don’t cost a lot of money.

No matter your style, we have something for you! Whether you’re looking for fun and goofy or elegant and classy- we’ve got a DIY project for your tastes.

How To Make Garden Balls – These gorgeous sun-catchers sit just about anywhere in the garden. While their prices can be high, they’re quite easy to make!

Metal Flower Garden – Tired of looking at that worn wooden fence? Spruce it up with some colorful metal flowers!

Garden Thing – There are cute little eyes staring up at you! This adorable project is quick, easy, and cheap to make. The result is so adorable.

Concrete Mushrooms – Nothing makes a garden more colorful than tiny mushrooms! Add splashes of bright hues to any part of the garden with this fun DIY.

Grass Stools – Use some old tires for a fun and eco-friendly addition to our garden. These cute little stools are made from recycled materials, and look great!

Garden Easel – Let the winding flowers be their own art. Add a garden easel for that rustic beauty in the garden.

Garden Tool Art – You don’t need anything fancy to make cute garden art! Start with some old tools and let your imagination mold them.

Spoon Rain Chain – Add some beauty with a rain chain without breaking the bank. Use old spoons for a fun and frugal addition to your garden.

Tire Planter – Tires can be just as colorful as the next DIY. This amazing tire planter is bright, bold, and whimsical!

Outdoor Bistro Set – Add some adorable seating to your garden with a cute bistro set. Turn an old beat up one into a masterpiece.

Faux Pillow Stepping Stones – These adorable stepping stones aren’t what you think! They look like soft fluffy pillows, but they’re actually concrete!

Pallet Herb Garden – The greatest part about this herb garden is how cheaply made it is! Despite how little it costs, it looks stunning.

Blank Wall Art – Do you have a blank space on your wall? Fill it up with this clever garden wall art.

Glass Bird Feeders – Birds are gentle creatures, and they don’t need big hefty wooden feeders. Add some grace to your garden with glass instead.

Melted Bead Art – Take melting beads to a whole new level! Recreate stunning pieces of art to catch the sun in your garden.

Breathtaking China Totem – Use old china to create a complete masterpiece. This china totem look so stunning anywhere.

Glass Pebble Fountain – Don’t run up your electric bill with electric fountains anymore! Use glass pebbles for a colorful alternative.

Concrete Hand Planters – This project looks absolutely amazing! Plant your succulents in a unique hand shaped holder.

Mosaic Patterned Pots – Those plain pots have got to go! Decorate them in style with mosaic tile.

Little Teapot – This adorable garden decoration doesn’t require any running water. It gives the illusion of a whimsical fountain without constantly running the electricity!

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