Amazing Garage Storage Ideas

Make the most out of your garage space by using some of these useful DIY’s. From bike storage to nail storage, we have a solution to make your garage more organized and clutter free!

Simply click the links below to see each garage storage idea…

Overhead Box Storage Tutorial –  A clever way of using space that most of us never use.

Wall Of Storage – Create a full wall of storage to hide and organise stuff that never had a home.

Kid Friendly Mud Room – Organise your kids shoes, school bags and coats in this handy tutorial for a mud room makeover.

Recycled Peanut Butter Jar Nail Storage  – Using old for new – this fantastic storage idea will keep all your nuts and bolts within easy reach.

DIY Lumber Cart – If you have a lot of wood in your garage, then this movable cart would make your life a lot easier!

Peg Board Tool Storage – By using a peg board and a shelve you too can create a mini-workshop.

DIY Bike Rack – Need to store your bike cheaply and safely – then this is the DIY for you.

Movable Paint Cart – This paint cart will organize your paints and allow you to move them easily and safely.

Garage Shoe Storage – More shoes than space? You need to make a durable show store for your garage.

Out Of The Way Paintbrush Storage – With a few simple materials you can make a great paint brush storage solution.

Muffin Tin Nail Storage – A clever no nail – nail storage that is flexible and affordable.

What are your best garage storage ideas?

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