Amazing Grilled Cheese Recipes and Ideas

15 of the very best recipes we’ve discovered over the years that made our mouths water practically before we were done making them.

1. Balsamic blueberry grilled cheese

Let’s kick this list off with a super unique new flavour of grilled cheese sandwich right off the bat! After all, sweet and savoury combination recipes are totally trending right now and if you’ve ever tried them before, you know that it’s because they’re completely delicious. This particular recipe from Amanda K By The Bay, which brings sweetness in the form of blueberries, is the perfect example of what we mean! Check out how they pair the bread and cheese with blueberries and balsamic for a truly unique taste.

2. Mini pesto grilled cheese

Pesto is the kind of thing we’ve always loved no matter what we’ve tried it on. We’ve had it on plenty of sandwiches before, but those have been ones that are a little more decked out, with layers of vegetables and meat. Sometimes it’s nice to simplify things, which is why we thought these pesto grilled cheese mini sandwiches looked like such a good idea! Certified Pastry Aficionado shows you how to make it happen and we’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking for an easy meal to start introducing your kids to pesto with.

3. Sausage and pepper chipotle grilled cheese

Have your favourite alternative grilled cheese recipes always been the ones that involve adding a little bit of meat to the mix, but you’re looking for something a little more interesting than just the classic bacon idea? Well, we much as we do love bacon and cheese together on a sandwich, we can’t say we blame you, considering how many other options are out there! We simply adore the way Peas and Crayons chose to add sausage instead, bringing its flavour out even more by throwing peppers into the mix as well. They used red and yellow peppers, but you could include any kind you please!

4. Dill pickle bacon grilled cheese

Okay, we know we were just saying that sometimes it’s nice to add other things to your grilled cheese sandwiches besides the classic and obvious choice of bacon, but that doesn’t mean that bacon isn’t still one of the most delicious topping options out there! Adding bacon also doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t add other things in combination with it as well. In fact, Spend With Pennies suggests amping things up to a whole other level by pairing your cheese and bacon with- yes, we’re totally serious here- slices of pickle!

5. Pull-apart grilled cheese

Do you have a big family who are always on the move and who usually bring guests, friends, and a few extra loved ones around as well? Then having a few dinner ideas up your sleeve that are quick to make and easily shared is a great idea for you, and we say that from experience! That’s why we thought this pull-apart style grilled cheese recipe from Delish was such an awesome idea. We also loved how simple it was to make when we tried it out on our kids (which was a huge success).

6. Cheesy jalapeno popper vegan grilled cheese

Have you always been the kind of kitchen enthusiast who loves making meals that are like a combination of two different things you enjoy eating? Well, lucky for all of us, that’s a super trendy idea right now, so we’ve got our eyes peeled for cool new things to make at home all the time. If you’re a fan of spicy dishes and jalapeno recipes, we think we just might have found the novelty grilled cheese for you! Peas and Crayons guides you through the process of making a grilled cheese sandwich that’s inspired by the taste

7. Parmesan kale grilled cheese

Are you intent on adding something you like to your grilled cheese sandwich, but you’d rather have it be something with a little more nutritional value because you don’t want to feel heavy or bloated by the time you’re done your meal? Well, call us crazy, but we actually love the taste of kale, even though some people will tell you that it doesn’t really have one. Imagine how excited we were, then, when we found out iFood Real has a whole delicious recipe that tells you how to stack a grilled cheese sandwich high with parmesan cheese and kale in the perfect way, so that nothing gets soggy!

8. Pulled pork and tomato grilled cheese

If you’re going to go to the trouble of making yourself some kind of unique, gourmet grilled cheese, would you prefer to make it a deluxe in terms of ingredients, just to make sure it’s really worth your time and effort? In that case, we’d absolutely encourage you to take a look at how Momtastic made this awesomely sky high sandwich! They show you how to top your grilled cheese with lettuce, tomato, and pulled pork so that it really fills your belly.

9. Korean style kimchi grilled cheese

Are you a huge advocate for spicy snacks and a true lover of being adventurous in food and trying international dishes whenever you can? Well, what if we said you could combine both of those ideas with a grilled cheese sandwich, even though that’s something quite milld that you’re already very familiar with? We had a feeling that would grab your attention! Find out how to make both the kimchi and the sandwich on Simple Comfort Food.

10. Avocado pesto grilled cheese

Perhaps you really loved the idea of making a pesto grilled cheese sandwich like we were talking about earlier on our list, but you think that making a full sized version would be a better idea? Well, we’ve made that before as well and it was delicious, but sometimes we can’t help but feel like we could use a little more of something with each bite when we’re feeling really hungry. That’s why we thought this pesto and avocado grilled cheese recipe featured on Avocado Pesto was such a great idea!

11. Caprese grilled cheese

You’ve clearly had grilled cheese sandwiches before, so you already know that those are completely delicious. Have you also tried caprese salad before too? Then you’re probably already imagining just how fantastic this caprese grilled cheese tastes as well! Heck, even if you haven’t tried caprese salad before, we assure you that this is ones of the most delicious tasting ideas we’ve ever tasted. Get the full ingredients and details on Pinch of Yum.

12. Waffle maker grilled cheese

Are you actually the kind of busy person who, rather than looking to change the flavour of your favourite sandwich, is actually just looking for ways to make it that might be a little quicker and easier than usual? Then reach into your cupboards and dig out that waffle iron you make brunch in sometimes because, believe it or not, that’s a great way to make grilled cheese sandwiches happen! This one’s so easy that we actually taught our older kids how to make grilled cheese this way so they can have it as an after school snack with minimal mess. See how it’s done on Fifteen Spatulas.

13. Brie, apple, and cranberry grilled cheese

If you’re going to dress up your favourite sandwich, do you think you might actually rather make it a little fancier than some of what we’ve shown you so far? Of course, all of these ideas are delicious, but we know that some of them are a little more casual or for fun. That’s why we made this brie cheese, apple, and cranberry filled grilled cheese recipe featured on Recipe Girl for a dinner with friends. These sandwiches were something both the kids and the adults enjoyed!

14. French onion grilled cheese

If you’re already a fan of French onion soup, then we probably don’t have to tell you about how delicious this French onion inspired grilled cheese sandwich is, but we’ve been so in love with the flavour of it since the first time we tried one that we just have to recommend it to basically everyone we encounter! Find out how the sandwich is prepared in more detail on Chef Savvy.

15. Donut grilled cheese

Now, we realize that, because we’ve talked a lot about novelty recipes and combination meals so far, the name of this recipe might sound a little bit like this particular grilled cheese sandwich is actually made using doughnuts, but we feel we must report that that’s not the case. Instead, take a look at this recipe and tutorial from The Cookful that guides you through the process of making a circular sandwich with a hole in the middle because, well, why not? Our kids love these for their classic taste and their fun shape, and you can easily shake the recipe up by adding whatever toppings you please!

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