Amazing Ways To Make Your Boy’s Bedroom The Envy Of All His Friends

As a sibling post to our 15 Majestic DIY Upgrades For Girl’s Bedrooms here is one for the boys!

No matter the age, these upgrades will delight the little man (or men) in your life. We’ve found designs for all sorts of tastes; superheros, legos, Minecraft, cars, and more! If you’re just looking for some classy and fun ways to organize the fields of toys spread across the floors of your home, we have solutions for that too.

Have fun perusing this list and find something that can inspire you and your kids in your next design!

Matchbox Car Garage – Perfect for the little motorheads in your life and to keep all those little cars off the floor and out of the way! Plus you never have to hear “Mom, where’s [insert care name here]?” if they’re all visible on the wall.

Lego Figure Display Wall – Lego fans will love having all their little figures out on display! These are super easy to make and customize for any room of the house.

Super Hero Decoupage Dresser – Reimagine an old dresser with some paint and a little bit of fabric, or you could use comic book pages, and create something that your kids will love! You can even find cool super hero drawer pulls to match.

Comic Canvas Wall Art – Create some dynamic wall art with this excellent tutorial! Pick out your child’s favorite comic or superhero and use pages from the comic. For an added bit of fun, find sound effects from the comic itself and create those.

Suitcase Dresser – For the Harry Potter fans, this dresser refinish is an excellent addition that could be used in other rooms of the house if your boy grows out of it.

DIY Crafting Table – If your kids are into Minecraft, there’s a whole slew of DIY and tutorials for making Minecraft themed items, but this Crafting Table desk is one of the coolest easy designs we’ve seen!

Superhero City Bed – This step-by-step how-to shows you how to build this awesome loft bed for your little man! Complete with ladder, slide, and under bed storage, this cityscape adorned bed has everything a little superhero could want.

Action Figure House – This action figure play house has been specifically design with little ones in mind. It has doorways, ledges, secret doors, and a dungeon for hours of imaginative play!

Toy Lamp – If you’re looking for a use for all of those little figures and toys that your kids have collected without having to get of them, this is the perfect project!

Backlit Canvas Superhero Logos – If you’ve seen the backlit canvases that have been circling around the internet, here is a version that’s perfect for your super hero enthusiast! The best part is that you can use any superhero logo (or other series) to create these.

Batmobile Bed – Up your “greatest parent” game with this DIY Batmobile bed design! The directions are clear and easy to follow with templates for all the piece and painting.

Dinosaur Mobile – For the younger, but still geeky, tikes, here is a cute and easy little dinosaur mobile that would be great for a dino themed nursery or toddler room.

Magnet Wall – Magnet walls are some of the most engaging things that you can include in a child’s room. They’re also super simple to install and make for hours of fun!c

Removable Lego Wall – We’ve seen plenty of permanent lego wall DIYs, but this one allows you to put up and easily removable alternative that will help to keep lego off the floor and out from under your feet!

Board Game Wall Art – These are absolutely ingenious! Board games are fun and beautifully designed so they make for excellent wall art. What’s even better is that these frames hold the board and all of the pieces on the back of the board so that all you have to do it take it down and play the game in the frame!

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