Awesome Bathroom Organization Ideas

Creating extra storage in the bathroom is something that everyone wants to know about and our first post was so popular we just had to find more ideas! With inspiration for everything from storing your beauty products to extra shelving and helpful caddys, this list will help you get organized in no time!

Upcycle An Old Chair Into A Stylish Bathroom Shelf – Transform an old chair from shabby to chic with this creative DIY! Not only is it completely original but it’s practical too and can be used to store everything from towels to toothpaste!

DIY Bath Caddy & Magazine Rack– With this brilliant bath caddy you can make your time in the tub even better! It’s great for adding extra storage to your bathroom and the built-in magazine rack means you can sit back, relax and read your favorite articles!

Build Your Own Corner Shelf – If you have a tiny bathroom then you’ll know how important it is to use every inch of space…including the corners!

Homemade Toilet Paper Storage – Never get caught short with this fantastic DIY! You may prefer to hide them away but it’s always better to keep the spare toilet rolls within easy reach…and this artistic display even makes them look good!

DIY Vintage Bathroom Storage Canisters – Keep all your bits and pieces safely tucked away in these beautiful homemade canisters.

How To Install Floating Shelves – You may have to use a few power tools to complete this craft, but the extra effort will be worth it when you see the results!

Wine Rack Towel Storage – Keep your towels close at hand with this ingenious storage solution! If you have to drink that last bottle of wine in the name of DIY, then so be it!

DIY Toothbrush Holders– Hidden away on the inside of a cupboard door, these toothbrush holders are easily accessible and a great way to save counter space. You can even personalize them so each member of the family has their own unique holder!

Cabinet Door Storage – A cheap and easy way to organize your cabinets? You’ll definitely want to add this DIY to your ‘to do’ list!

Beauty Bar Cart – With a growing collection of cosmetics, beauty products and hair appliances, it’s likely that your bathroom is getting quite cluttered! This amazing bar cart is a great way to store everything all in one place…and it looks great too!

Bathroom Drawer Makeover – This inspiring tutorial should give you the motivation you need to complete your own mini makeover and organize your bathroom drawers.

DIY Rotating Organizer Stand – A few simple supplies is all you need to create this handy stand!

Hanging Hairbrush Storage – This solution is perfect for hairbrushes but would work just as well with your curing irons, straight irons and hairdryers too!

Make Your Own Crate Shelving – Create your own fast and easy storage…it’s functional and decorative, it’s super simple to make, it’s everything you could want from a DIY!

Towel Hooks – Adding space to your bathroom doesn’t get much easier than this!

DIY Wood Caddy – With so many lotions and potions, it’s easy to see how our bathrooms become so messy! This rustic wooden caddy will solve all your problems and keep everything all in one, neatly contained space!

Spice Racks In The Bathroom – Are you wondering what a traditional kitchen item is doing lurking in the bathroom? Helping you to organize, that’s what!

DIY Toothbrush Wraps – Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and wash cloth…everything you need for your morning routine is in one wrap! They’re portable too so when you next have an overnight stay, just grab this and you’re good to go!

Ikea Hack Shower Shelf – With this handy shelf, you’ll never have to store your shower items on the floor again.

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