Awesome Crocheted Easter Egg Patterns

Check out these 15 stunning crocheted Easter egg designs that make adorable additions to your seasonal decor!

1. Filet cross Easter egg cover

Are you looking for a way to make your Easter decor stay cute, pretty, and pleasant to look at but also represent your values and the faith based undertones of the season? Well then Crochet Memories has just the patter for you! This cute, easy little cross pattern gives a subtle hint of the spirit of the season (literally) to your decor over a real or plastic Easter egg, with a cute ruffled top to really complete the aesthetic.

2. Easter bunny egg warmer with egg basket

Maybe you have some cute egg stands that you’d like to actually serve breakfast in when you make hard boiled eggs but you don’t want them to get cold while you wait for your family to gather around the table? Maybe you’d just like to set the stands out to look like you have Easter eggs at the ready, even when you haven’t boiled any? Then an adorable crocheted egg warmer is exactly what you need! Pop these cute little bunnies from Garn Studio over an egg or just the cup and they’re automatic decor!

3. Egg cozy circle chain

Whether you’re actually decorating them to leave them out or just serving them for breakfast, your Easter eggs will look cozy and snug in this adorable egg basket ring. The stitches are easy to do, the shape is simple to construct, and Petals to Picots has all of the steps you’ll need to follow laid out clearly for you.

4. Little chick egg covers

Did you like the idea of Easter animal egg covers but you actually already have some bunnies so you don’t need to make another set like the ones we showed you above? Then check out these adorable little springtime chicks instead! They’re another little trinket that would look good as decor over a cup or actually used as egg warmers. See the idea in more detail on Krawka.

5. Little monster Easter egg holder

Believe it or not, egg holders can actually be useful than more than just warming your hard boiled breakfast on Easter morning. They also look pretty adorable holding little Easter chocolates for your kids to find in their egg and candy hunt on Easter morning! This hilarious little monster by One Dog Woof will give your kids a thrill when they have to steal their chocolates from his jaws to eat them.

6. Little striped Easter egg cozy

Are you looking for a more classic cozy design that features just some simple striping and really shows off your crochet stitching skill? Then check out this striping cozy design from JPF Crochet Club and get choosing your colours! We love the way these bright primaries really resemble the way that a kid might have dyed or drawn on an actual Easter egg shell.

7. Granny pattern egg

Are you a beginner at crochet or are you teaching someone who’s just starting out, but you’re determined that crocheted egg covers are the perfect project? Well, you’re not wrong, especially when adorably simple ideas like this eyelet egg cover from exist! Even if you keep this design all once colour like you see in the picture, the nearly-lacy design will still make them as appealing to look at as ever.

8. Little button cozy with a strap

Repeat Crafter Me guides you through the process of creating not just an egg cover, but an egg cover that resembles a little pair of paints with a button-on pair of overalls! We adore the way they’ve chosen to make one in each colour of the rainbow to really brighten up the room. This project is a great stash buster!

9. Mini crochet gift bag

Okay, we do know that this picture actually shows apples in the little knitted gift bags rather than dyed Easter eggs or Easter chocolates, but just imagine how versatile this concept is to what you need this season! Besides giving your loved ones a bag of Easter eggs, you’ll be giving them something handmade which is the best way to show that you care! Get the crochet instructions from Spin Cushions.

10. Easter egg farm animal cozies

Do you celebrate Easter with more excitement about springtime, new baby animals, and fresh flowers than you do about the actual holiday itself? That’s fine too! There are totally still ways to decorate your Easter eggs that will make you feel festive in your own way. Check out how these cute little farm animals are made on Jean Greenhowe.

11. Crochet Easter egg “hats”

Is your personal decor style a little more novelty and vintage than the average person? Then perhaps you’d rather something a little cuter and more understated than your average brightly coloured rabbits and other stereotypical characters? Then check out these adorable tiny hates that make your eggs look like children lined up to play on a cool spring morning! Even the one with bunny ears looks more rustic chic than your more mainstream rabbit trinkets. Check out the pattern on Is Laura.

12. Pretty ribbon crochet Easter eggs

Have you loved the pretty crocheted egg covers that we’ve been showing you all along but they’re missing just a little bit of fancy flair that you’d like to add? Then follow in Coffee & Vanilla‘s footsteps and add another detail: a pretty ribbon woven around the middle! We love the idea of crocheting the cover in differently covered stripes and then contrasting with another colour of ribbon.

13. Mini Easter egg baskets

Did you like the idea and look of the little circular egg baskets we showed you above but you’d rather be able to move them around the table and hand them out to your family rather than having them all attached in a ring that way? Then here’s an even simpler tutorial from Petals to picots for how to crochet just the adorable little baskets themselves.

14. Viking egg cozies

Perhaps you’re actually not very interested in the Easter holiday itself but your family is big on it and you’re willing to participate for their sake? Then there’s nothing stopping you from making your own Easter crafts in a totally unconventional way! Your Easter egg at brunch on the big day doesn’t have to look like a little bunny if you have the skills to make something funnier. We’re crazy about this hilarious viking egg cover from Selber Machen Guru.

15. Radish egg cozies

Some years, when we’re so tired from endless dark winter days and looking for new energy when the spring sun finally shines, all we can think about is fresh fruits and veggies. Use that as another inspiration for making yourself an alternative egg cover for your eggs on Easter morning! Check out how Messy LA made these adorable little egg caps that make your breakfast or decorative eggs look just like radishes.

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