Awesome DIY Coasters

1. Wallpaper and tile coasters


Crafts that use up leftover supplies from other DIY projects are always great crafts to make. These coasters might use up the spare tiles from your bathroom renovation and the spare wallpaper from when you redid the hallway last year. Measure out squares of wallpaper to fit the surface of each tile, paste it on, and voila! The Thinking Closet has more details for you.

2. Painted cork coasters


Cork is a great base for a coaster because it doesn’t get slippery when you put a condensation covered glass on it. It also tends to soak up a little bit of the water if it beads down the outside of your drink. Plain old cork isn’t very interesting, however, so The Thinking Closet suggests using all surface paint and tape to create geometric patterns across the surface of each one!

3. Map coasters


Did you like the tile and decoupage method in the first wallpaper idea, but you don’t have access to leftover wallpaper? Perhaps you’d just prefer your coasters to be a subtle reflection of your interests for when guests visit? You can do essentially the same DIY project using cut squares of a map instead, just like The Country Chic Cottage did here!

4. Fall Leaves Mod Podge coasters


One Artsy Mama likes the idea of creating decoupage style coasters too! Instead of covering the whole surface of each coaster with one strip or piece of map, however, they suggest cutting out pieces of red, yellow, orange, and brown tissue paper in leaf shapes and using Mod Podge to stick them across the surface like fallen autumn leaves.

5. Gilded chevron coasters


Who says you have to stick anything to the surface of your tiled coasters at all? Sew Woodsy
suggests just getting crafty with patterns and all surface paint instead! We love this simple chevron pattern, especially in a metallic gold paint that’s sure to catch the eye of anyone in the room.

6. Motivational tile coasters


Are you a bigger fan of inspirational quotes than you are fancy patterns and kitschy designs? That’s okay too! Take a look at how One Artsy Mama created these cutely quoted tile coasters in just a few easy steps.

7. Etched monogrammed glass tile coasters


Glass tiles, like the kind you might find in a newly done bathroom, make great coasters as well! They’re also great for DIY coasters, however, because you can use glass etching techniques to monogram them subtly, giving them a misted letter and pattern effect. Get the full tutorial for this coaster method on Architecture of a Mom.

8. Alcohol ink coasters


Have you been looking for a DIY coaster suggestion that’s a little more abstract, bright, and artistic? Well, we think we found the design for you! These alcohol ink splash coasters are completely customizeable to your preferences and colour scheme, and they’re also a lot of fun to make! Check out the steps on Slapdash mom.

9. Pretty lacy coasters


Are you looking for a coaster design that’s a little more girly and delicate to match the rest of your apartment’s aesthetic? Mod Podge Rocks has the perfect project tutorial for you! Sealing lace on top of a cork base is a great way to protect your table surfaces from moisture while adding a subtle glamour to the room.

10. Scrabble tile coasters


As always, projects that upcycle other things are some of our very favourites! How could we build a list of DIY coasters without including at least one repurposing project? This particular idea from Simply Darrling reuses old Scrabble tiles from the board game to create a fun coaster set that adds a touch of whimsy to your living space.

11. Hand-painted floral cork coasters


Do you have a steady hand, a lot of patience, and a love for artistic painting and designs? Grab some cork, cut it into circular coasters, and grab your all surfaces paints and your brushes! You can paint any colours or designs you like, of course, but we’re pretty fond of these pretty floral paintings by Uncommon Designs. These are a neat way to show off your painting skills to your friends and family!

12. Woodgrain cork coasters


A Little Craft in Your Day teaches you how to create a faux wood grain effect across the surface of a cork coaster in just a few careful but easy steps. Using cork takes care of  the background colour and gives the design an already slightly wooden texture, making the rest of your design a little easier!

13. Stencilled cork compass coasters


One of the easiest DIY ways to get a custom design you like onto your coaster base is to use a stencil! Youc an buy stencils at your local crafting store or make them yourself. If your cork coaster bases are round, One Dog Woof suggests transforming them into compasses, dartboards, or billiard balls!

14. Wine cork coasters


Heartmade Blog shows you a whole different type of “cork” coaster than the ones we’ve already talked about! These coasters are made from recycled win corks, cut carefully to fit next to each other until they fill the whole coaster.

15. Embossed leather coasters


Please Excuse My Craftermath guides you through the process of creating adorably intricate embossed leather coasters featuring a French and Eiffel Tower motif that we’re absolutely in love with. This design is great for travelers of those who lust after the romantic city of Paris!

Have you made yourself other DIY coaster designs that you don’t see on our list but that you’re very proud of? Tell us all about how you made them in the comments section!

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