Awesome DIY Jewelry Tutorials

We have searched the web to share our favorite necklace, bracelet, watch strap, earring and ring DIYs so you can get crafting away making your own stylish jewelery for yourself or as gifts for friends.

To see each tutorial, simply click the links below…


Folkloric Braid Necklace – This stunning show stopper is so on trend at the moment but won’t brake the bank!

Anthro DIY Marjorelle Necklace – This copycat version looks amazing and virtually the same as the original but saving over $40.

DIY Chevron Necklace – A retro inspired peice here that would cost a fortune in a fashion store.

Beady Braided Necklace – This design  make a real fashion statement – use bold colours to stand out even more.

Rose Gold Necklace – This Hardware store inspired piece is so cheap and simple to make but looks stunning.


Rhinestone & Bead Bracelet – This tutorial is a great one for begginers, and makes instructions very clear.

Mystery Braid Bracelet – A stunning bracelet that looks shop bought, you can grab all the materials at your local craft store.

Bare-feet Sandals – This gorgeous ankle bracelet come toe ring will be the perfect accessory to any beach wedding.

Bead & Ribbon Bracelet – This could even be made as a necklace with more beads and a longer string.

Jersey Knit Bracelet – Grab that old jersey cut it up and make something fabulous.

Safety Pin Bracelet – The great things about this tutorial is that you can change up the colour options depending on what your style is.

DIY Charm Bracelet – Once you become a pro at wire wrapping you can add almost anything to your individual charm bracelet.

Watch Straps

Jazz Up Your Boring Watch Strap – By using beads, string and safety pins these really are so simple to make.

Leather Watch Strap – Why not make the important men in your life a new leather watch strap with this easy tutorial.


Beaded Toe Ring – You can make a beautiful toe ring by following this helpful video tutorial.

DIY Penny Ring – Make yourself a lucky penny ring with some beautiful rhinestones.

Wire Pearl Ring – This fantastic DIY is simple so but makes the most beautiful rings –  a super cute gift.

Button Rings – This is such a neat idea if you have lots of old odd buttons hanging around!

Vintage Rings – Believe it or not this ring is made from an old earring.

Nail Polish Rings – A great DIY to make some super groovy rings for a party or a special occasion.


Upcycle Old Rhinestone Earrings Into A Cuff Bracelet – Take some redundant jewelry and turn it into something far more on trend.

Paperclip and String Earrings – This is a neat idea that involves two really cheap material.

Feather Earrings – This great video tutorial will show you have to make simple but stunning feather earrings.

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