Awesome DIY Lampshade Ideas

Below, we’ve found awesome ideas for how to DIY your lampshade into the shade of your dreams.

Lovely Paint Chip Lampshade:

Full Tutorial Here

Easy-to-Make Map Lampshade:

Full Instructions Here

Yarn Ombre Hanging Lampshade:

Step-by-Step Guide Here

Handsome Doily Covered Lampshade:

Full DIY Tutorial Here

Cool City Skyline Lampshade:

Complete Instructions Here

Cozy Ruffled Burlap Lampshade:

Here is How to Make it

Creative Chopstick Lampshade:

Step-by-Step Guide Here

Fabric Strips Lampshade:

Here are the Directions

Crochet Pendant Lampshades:

DIY Tutorial Here

DIY Ombre Hair Dye Lampshade:

Here are the DIY Instructions

Zip Tie Lampshade – DIY Lampshade Idea

Complete DIY Tutorial Here

White Cloud like Coffee Filter Lampshade:

Full Instructions Here

Creative Shirt Sleeve Lampshade:

Here is How to Make it

Drinking Straw Pendant Light:

Full DIY Tutorial Here

Redesigned Art Style Lampshade DIY:

Step-by-Step Instructions Here

Revamped Lampshade:

Get Tutorial Here

Custom String Covered Lampshade:

Step-by-Step Tutorial is Here !

Rustic Linen Pendant Lampshades:

Full Instructions Here

Beautiful Recycle Lampshade:

Complete DIY Tutorial Here

Colorful Ping Pong Balls Pendant Lampshade:

Complete Makeover Details Here

Faux Flower Lampshades:

Step-by-Step Tutorial Here

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