Awesome DIY Shower Vapors

Turn your bathroom into a nightly spa by adding one of these to your evening rinse off.

1. Allergy Relief Cubes

The Homespun Hydrangea created some drop in cubes that will save your life come springtime. These are allergy relieving and actually quite fun to make. The kiddos will benefit from these too, especially when they start playing outside once the weather changes from winter.

2. Teal Steamers

Check out Moments with Mandi if you want to learn how to make these fabulous shower steamers. Not only are we in love with the color but we’re in love with the finished product because they’re ones we’ve made before and continue to do so. They’re great as a DIY gift for a friend too!

3. Rosemary Melts

There are so many wonderful benefits you can get from rosemary and The Homespun Hydrangea can teach you all about that. And you can be taught to create these rosemary vapor cubes by running over to the site and checking out the tutorial. The finished product is quite pretty too, don’t you think?

4. Peppermint Disks

Peppermint will help your stress level and help you cold symptoms. Overall, it’ll just make you feel refreshed and renewed. Check out how to make some peppermint disks for your shower by visiting Hello Glow.

5. Eucalyptus Bombs

eBay has a blog that they feature great ideas on and that’s where we found these eucalyptus bombs! They’re easy to make and you can personalize them too. They’re another great one to gift to friends and family as a DIY project.

6. Pink Himalayan Salts

Rebooted Mom went with a pink Himalayan salt recipe that we’re really itching to try as well. We love the heart shapes and how they’d become a pretty thank you present as well. Run on over and snag the details for these cuties now.

7. Sinus Headache Relievers

When the seasons change, our sinuses can tell. So, instead of medicated yourself, do something more naturally. Run on over and check out these since relieving cubes for the shower now at Savvy Naturalista.

8. Lemon Melts

NEPA Mom went with lemon as her inspiration and made them into charming star shapes too. The kids will love these, you’ll love these, and your friends will too. Run on over and grab the details so you can make them over the weekend.

9. Gingerbread Bombs

Around Christmastime you may want to create some pieces for the shower that have a more festive spirit. A great dirty Santa gift or something for yourself, these gingerbread bombs are fun. You can visit The Pistachio Project for the recipe now!

10. Shower Jelly

Shower jellies are pretty fun to work with as well. You can learn about them and learn how to make them by visiting OGT. They’ll make your skin softer and stronger, so hurry now and grab the details.

11. Lime Melts

Drop one of these green cuties in the shower and indulge. Lime and delicious, the recipes for them can be found by visiting Sunny Sweet Days. These can be made with essential oils too.

12. Citrus Bombs

Savvy Naturalista went with another sinus relief recipe that will become essential while the seasons change. They’re heart-shaped and adorable. But, they also hold real pieces of citrus for extra fragrance and natural take on these DIYs.

13. Hot Pink Melts

A Sparkle of Genius created some shower vapors that came out hot pink! The kids will love these ones even more and your friends will love to have these as an extra birthday treat or thank you gift. Grab the directions by taking the leap over!

14. Cubes for Colds

They’re glittering and perfect for punching cold symptoms right in the nose – literally. Check out the details for this congestion-fighitng cubes by visiting Smart School House. We love the addition of the glitter too, for extra indulgence.

15. Vicks Vapor Disks

PopSugar used Vick’s vapor rub as their inspiration, which is perfect because it helps a stuffy nose every time! Great for our babes and ourselves, drop one of these in a warm shower when you feel those yucky symptoms coming along and relieve it before it even behinds.

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