Awesome Hair Bow Designs

1. Triple layered ribbon bow


2. Suede bow, ribbon, and pearl hair barrette

Love This Pic

3. Pinched centre fabric bows

Me Goosta

4. Petite yarn bow with a button

Craft Snob

5. Multi-ribbon bow with feathers and mini bows

Sheryl and Bob

6. Tulle and gem hair bow


7. Adorable stacked Minnie Mouse bows

Elegance On a Budget

8. Teeny tiny felt hair bows

Create Studio

9. Kanzashi bow hairband

The Flower Art.

10. DIY burlap hair bow

Spoonful of Imagination

11. No-sew clip bow

Why Don’t You Make Me

12. Adorable duct tape hair bow

Your Home Based Mom

13. Sheer jumbo hair bow

DIY Halloween Crafts

14. Giant kawaii hair bow

Look Book

15. Giant no-sew fabric bow

DIY Candy

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