Awesome PVC Projects for the Home

1 PVC Pipe Hanger

PVC Pipe Hanger (via Sowdering About in Seattle)

2 Outdoor Patio Table Planter, Vase and Serving Station


Outdoor Patio Table Planter, Vase and Serving Station: Wanted: A better name for this invention I created! What is it? I consider it a multi-purpose centerpiece for your umbrella-shaded patio table. But, it can also be a serving station for utensils and napkins. Add some water and it becomes a vase for the table. When the flowers wilt, plant some shade (via Pretty Handy Girl)

3 PVC Pipe Organizer


PVC Pipe Organizer (via Sowdering About in Seattle)

4 Chalkboard Wine Rack


Chalkboard Wine Rack: We spotted this clever idea in the February/March issue of Readymade. The project was submitted by an Italian DIY reader and here’s what she used to make it… (via Apartment Therapy)

5 PVC Pipe Shoe Organizer


PVC Pipe Shoe Organizer: Shoes. They are my nemesis when it comes to organizing. I am the only girl in a household of three boys and yet all of us own way too many shoes. My husband is the opposite of a fashionister and yet t (via Home Stories A to Z)

6 PVC Table Lamp


PVC Table Lamp (via Dremel Weekends)

7 PVC Bath Toys


PVC Bath Toys: A wonderful bath toy idea from The Brooding Hen! Build Bath Toys using PVC Pipe, Suction Cups, and a Drill. My son always wants me to hold toys, or my hands, or anything for him to pour water over while in the tub. I cannot wait to grab some scrap pvc pipe and fittings from (via Ellis Benus)

8 Modern Spring Centerpiece


Modern Spring Centerpiece: Make a Modern Spring Centerpiece Using Just Gold Spray Paint and PVC Pipe. If youre anything like me, youve got al fresco dining, garden parties and Sunday morning brunches on the brain thanks to 70-degree afternoons and the reemergence of that elusive thing called the sun. To get our home in the springtime Continue reading… (via eHow)

9 Washi Tape Holder


Washi Tape Holder (via Sowdering About in Seattle)

10 PVC Pipe Flower Vase


PVC Pipe Flower Vase: You won’t believe this genius Mother’s Day craft idea – David makes a DIY vase out of PVC pipe! He added personalized images to make it the perfect gift. (via Mod Podge Rocks)

11 PVC Pipes Organizer


PVC Pipes Organizer (via Happy Home)

12 Succulents Planter


Succulents Planter: Hardware stores are inspiring. There’s no telling what I’ll bring home! I enjoy coming up with unexpected uses for ordinary things. My husband finds these comical.  I bought a bag of cactus and succulent soil mix at the local nursery. Succulents prefer dry, well-drained soil and infrequent waterings, and… (via Leigh Laurel Studios)

13 PVC Pipe Toothbrush Holders


PVC Pipe Toothbrush Holders: Toothbrush holder DIY, keeps toothbrushes clean and organized. (via Crafting in the Rain)

14 Wine Rack


Wine Rack: Your home for all things Design. Home Tours, DIY Project, City Guides, Shopping Guides, Before & Afters and much more (via Design Sponge)

15 PVC Modern Wine Rack


PVC Modern Wine Rack: No one will guess that this sleek, modern wine rack is made of PVC pipe from a hardware store. The design is completely flexible, so you can create one to fit inside any shelf or cabinet and paint it to suit your own decor. (via Martha Stewart)

16 PVC Drawer Organizer


PVC Drawer Organizer: Create inexpensive storage solutions from everyday items to declutter and organize any space on a budget. (via Better Homes)

17 PVC Desk Organizing Cups


PVC Desk Organizing Cups: Make Desk Organizing Cups with PVC Here is a super-cute storage idea that can be made for very little money…Though $24.95 for the original isn’t bad, it only comes in three colors. For less than… (via Designs by Studio C)

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