Awesome Striped Nail Designs

1 Washi Nail Striping


Washi Nail Striping (via Pshiiit)

2 Nail Tape Stripes


Nail Tape Stripes (via Snobka)

3 Half Matte Nails


Half Matte Nails (via I Spy DIY)

4 Gold Striped Nail


Gold Striped Nail: After spotting these gold striped nails on jewelry designer Anna Sheffield’s Instagram, I knew I had to recreate it. All it took was a little bit of research online, where I discovered something called nail striping tape, which is the key to masking off the perfect geometric nail art and creating (via Honestly WTF)

5 Pastel Striped Nail


Perfect Stripes Nail (via Small Good Things)

6 Perfect Stripes Nail


Vertical Stripe Gradient Nail: The wonderful thing about nailart is that you don’t always need specific nailart equipment to make your nails look striking. The following six designs were achieved using only nail varnish and a reasonably steady hand. So if you’re a first timer, why not have a try at one. Vertical Stripe Gradient Nailart Tutorial Staircase StripesNailart (via tillynailart)

7 Vertical Stripe Gradient Nail


Sugared Stars and Stripes: Candy colored stripes and sugary pink stars come together in this trendy textured I Heart Nail Art tutorial. It’s easier than you think! (via Chalkboard Nails)

8 Sugared Stars and Stripes


Striped Tie-Dye (via Brit Nails)

9 Striped Tie-Dye


Single Stripe Nails (via Isla Everywhere)

10 Single Stripe Nails


Minimalism Mani (via Pshiiit)

11 Minimalism Mani


Negative Space Nautical Nails: Whats cool about todays Negative Space Nautical Nails tutorial? Well, youll learn how to do negative space nails for a start. So whether youre doing a (via So Nailicious)

12 Negative Space Nautical Nails


Glitter Stripes: Another fun Martha Stewart glitter glue manicure! Stripes would be almost impossible for me to do without these easy squeezy tubes! I swear this stuff comes in (via …love Maegan)

13 Glitter Stripes


Marni Inspired Nails: The Marni inspired fashion nails were the second nail design I did for MBFWA. They were inspired by this Marni bag and a J.W.Anderson design. For something (via So Nailicious)

14 Marni Inspired Nails


Rainbow Peekaboo: Today’s Daily Nail Art is this peekaboo rainbow design by agapitidiskolopragma. Begin by applying a white base color to your nails first to make your colors stand out. Now gather all the colors you want for your peeking rainbow and make vertical stripes all over your nails. Once your rainbow layer… (via Flaunt Me)

15 Rainbow Peekaboo


Sailor Stripes Nail (via Maryam Maquillage)

16 Sailor Stripes Nail


Sailor Stripes Nail (via Maryam Maquillage)

17 Summer Stripes


Summer Stripes (via Ink and Adventure)

18 Stripe Contrast Nail


Stripe Contrast Nail (via Pshiiit)

19 Color Inspiration


Color Inspiration (via Miss Renaissance)

20 Black Stripes Nail

Black Stripes Nail (via Pshiiit)

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