Awesome Things To Do With Wine Bottles In The Garden

With ideas from helping you water your plants to creating original and stunning features, this list has everything and anyone can make these amazing crafts.


Votive Lanterns – These easy to make lanterns will look stunning throughout your garden creating a magical ambiance that will light up the night.

Garden Border – Separate your lawn from your borders with this ingenious upcycle which will add a quirky character to your yard whilst looking fantastic.

Guiding Path Lights – With a few bottles and a string of lights find out how you can transform the ordinary into extraordinary.

Self Watering Planter – With full step by step photography you’ll be able to create your own planters which you don’t even have to water. Perfect for seedlings and plants alike.

Water Fountain – You don’t have to spend a fortune when making your own fountain. With upcycled materials and this amazing tutorial you’ll have your very own wine bottle water fountain.

Bottle Wind Chime – Create this elegant wind chime to make a naturally occurring melody which will help you relax in peace.

Bird Feeder – This beautiful year round feeder makes a stunning addition to any garden. Not only is this a completely original DIY it’s an excellent way to re-purpose empty bottles.

Garden Ornaments – Give your flower beds different levels and colors using just a few empty wine bottles and create something just as visually appealing as the flowers you grow.

Tiki Torches – Strong and powerful this light will shine bright any time of night or day and has the added bonus of providing heat too so when the sun goes in you don’t have to.

DIY Hot Bed – Using bottles you can make a hot bed which will use the suns heat so you can grow plants which normally suit a warmer environment.

Sun Catcher – These simple and beautiful works of art will add an original and unique feature to your garden.

Hummingbird Feeder – Looking to attract more wildlife to your garden? Then this decorative and functioning feeder is a must build for every savvy crafter and keen gardener.

Wine Bottle Drip Feeder – Now you don’t even have to water your plants every day to make sure they grow, instead you can create your own drip feeder.

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