Awesome Ways To Upcycle Old Pickle Jars

Pickle and olive jars are a bit of a must around the house. Whether you have little ones who adore them, or you love a good burger for dinner, odds are you’ve had quite a few in your home.

Many different jars are similar to the pickle jar. Banana peppers, olives, salsa and all sorts of other things come in these jars.

These jars, while most are thrown away, can be used to make all sorts of fun crafts! From storage units, to vases, and all the way to snow globes, you won’t throw another one of these jars away again!

Apothecary Jars – You read that right! Turn a pickle jar into your very own apothecary jar! Just make sure to clean it out first.

Storage Jars – Why does sugar and flower come in a bag? We’re not quite sure either, but it’s a pain to try and get anything out of them! Turn your pickle jars into storage and stop the struggle.

Bathroom Jars – If you have smaller pickle jars, storing flour and oatmeal in them would seem counter productive. Smaller jars can be used for bathroom storage instead!

Painted Vase – A real vase can go for quite a bit of money. Don’t break the bank by making your very own vase with a pickle jar!

Money Challenge – You’re going to need a big pickle jar for this one! Use a pickle jar as a personal bank to start saving up.

Colored Jars – Maybe you want your pickle jars to stay jars– just not quite as unattractive. This great tutorial helps you tint your jars into a rustic color instead!

Twine Vase – These vases look amazing! They are the perfect addition to a country themed home.

Mod Podge Lids – If you want to repurpose your pickle jar as it looks now, but need a little more zazz, this is the perfect tutorial. Just spice up the lid for that extra kick.

Upcycled Lumineers – These are amazing! Most lumineers are just for holidays and special events, but these would look great just around the house.

Gorgeous Glass Vase – The wider the pickle jar, the better the vase. This vase tutorial can use flowers that need water in them without any paint seeping into the water!

Picture Frame – Glass jar frames are the best. What makes these even better is that they’re upcycled and super cheap!

Oil Lamps – What better way to make a long lasting oil lamp then to fill a pickle jar with oil? Make it any size you want, and light up your next cook out.

Vintage Jar Lantern – Looking for something cheap and gorgeous for an event or a wedding? Clean out those large pickle jars and put a candle and some fake flowers in them for a gorgeous runway!

Snow Globes – That’s right! No water snow globes look stunning on the window sill!

I Love You Jars – Perfect for Valentines Day, stick some candies in these super easy painted pickle jars. It makes a cute gift too!

Spray Paint Jars – Make cute decorations out of a stencil and spray paint. That’s it!

Pickle Jar Snow Man – Make him light up, or set him in the window sill. This adorable snowman decoration will come back every year!

Simple Etching – Write cute quotes on your pickle jars, or etch them for storage. No matter what  you choose to repurpose it for, it can be easily labeled!

Colorful Garden Lanterns – These are super simple to make, and make the room burst with color! You’ll be so glad you tried this one out!

Silly Halloween Jars – Add some cute faces to your pickle jars this halloween. Line them on the steps or the sidewalk for the holiday!

Halloween Candy Jar – Looking for something a little more spooky? This creepy dripping pickle jar candy jar is perfect to hand out candy with!

Frosted Vase – Pickle jars are perfect for vases! This one is a striped frosted vase that looks simply gorgeous.

Moster Cookie Jar – Save a big pickle jar to give away cookies in! It’s great for a hostess gift, or for the holidays.

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