Awesome Wine Cork Crafts

You’ll be impressed at how practical and beautiful corks can become, with these super easy crafts. Also if you ask your local bars to save the corks for you, it won’t cost you a penny on supplies either.

Check out all 34 amazing ideas below, including a few fantastic festive decorations…

Around The Home Crafts:

  1. DIY Cork Stamp Tutorial
  2. How To Make A Bottle Cork Trivet
  3. DIY Fun Cork Keychain
  4. How To Make A Wine Cork Bath Mat
  5. Super Simple Wine Cork Coaster Craft
  6. Create Cork Air Plant Growers
  7. Homemade Cork Place Card Holders
  8. DIY Cork Birdhouse
  9. Wine Cork Candle Holder
  10. How To Make A Wine Cork Monogram
  11. Homemade Cork Board
  12. Easy Fun Cork Magnets
  13. DIY Wine Cork Pins
  14. Simple Wine Cork Sculpture
  15. Awesome Cork Wall Art
  16. How To Make Cork Canape Knives
  17. Beautiful Bottle Stoppers
  18. Wine Cork Bath Mat Tutorial
  19. Wine Cork Jewelry Display
  20. Amazing Wine Glass Charm Craft
  21. DIY Cork Thread Spool
  22. Homemade Wine Cork Lampshade
  23. Wine Cork Flash Drive
  24. How To Make Wine Cork Napkin Rings
  25. Crafty Plant Labels
  26. Amazing DIY Wine Cork Basket
  27. How To Steady Tables And Chairs With Wine Corks
  28. DIY Embroidered Cork Necklace
  29. Homemade Wine Cork Dresser

Christmas Decorating Crafts:

  1. Cork Christmas Wreath
  2. DIY Cork Reindeer
  3. How To Make A Wine Cork Snowman
  4. Wine Cork Tree Decorations
  5. Simple Wine Cork Christmas Tree

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