How To Become More Self Sufficient

Becoming more self sufficient can mean making a few simple changes or a whole lifestyle over-haul. Whichever you want we’ve put together this comprehensive list of posts that covers everything from DIY heaters to food storage, plus plenty more amazing tutorials and tips you’ll need.

Food & Recipes

17 Foods To Buy Once And Regrow Forever – Never buy these 17 foods again, simply buy once and regrow them from their cuttings, leaving you with an abundance of food all year round!

How To Start Canning – Canning is a wonderful way to preserve foods when they are in season so you can have them throughout the year. Make the most of your crops by turning them into delicious sauces, pickles, jams, jellies…the list keeps on going.

How To Pickle Anything – Making crisp, crunchy pickles is a quick and easy way to extend the shelf life of your harvest. With just a few ingredients you can make your own with this simple recipe!

Homemade Apple Chips – Creating delicious, natural snacks needn’t be complicated or expensive. This simple recipe will make crunchy treats from your own home grown apples.

How To Make Cheddar Cheese – Nothing beats a grilled cheese sandwich, apart from using your own cheese. With this full tutorial anyone will be able to make their own tasty make.

How To Wax Cheese – You’ve got the cheese, now you need to store it till you want to eat it. This straightforward tutorial will show you how you can wax cheese and easily prolong it’s shelf life!

How To Make Mozzarella – Bet you never realized you can make your own mozzarella? Well you can and it’ll only take you 30 mins…which is not time at all. You’ll find out everything you need to know at this great tutorial.

Make Your Own Butter From Milk – Butter is a simple item that can be made at home by anyone. Now you won’t have to head to the store and can take your self sufficiency to the next level

50+ Canning Recipes – This is one of, if not the, simplest way to store your food. It will maen you can enjoy summer foods in the middle of winter. Can everything from sauces and vegetable to jellies and pie fillings.

How To Dry Herbs Without Electricity – Dried herbs are not just a great addition to your recipes, but also a beautiful piece of decor that will add a natural fragrance to any room they’re hanging in.

How To Can Chicken – Canning’s not just for fruits and vegetables, with this tutorials you’ll see how to keep your chicken meat fresher for longer. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is

101+ Dehydrating Recipes – Dehydrating is the removal of moisture from foods to allow for better preservation and long term storage. Dried foods are so versatile… they can be incorporated into meals, packed up for emergencies or taken along on a family camping trip!

Make A Food Storage Shelf – The easiest way to keep vegetables fresh is to allow air to circulate round them. This simple DIY will provide you with much needed storage for your produce but will also help it remain garden fresh a lot longer.

How To preserve Your Eggs – With this amazing tip you’ll be able to preserve your eggs for up to 9 months worry free. So whenever you end up with a surplus of eggs keep them fresh till your ready to eat them!

Garden & Crops

Gardening 101 – Before you start you plant any crops this simple guide will make sure you can get the most out of the space you have available.

How To Maintain A Healthy Vegetable Garden – It may seem like a difficult task at times…what with the plethora of illnesses and harmful insects about. However with this great post keeping your veggies healthy has never been easier.

10 Fruits & Vegetables That Regrow Every Year – Most of the fruits and vegetables we grow are annuals which means you have to replant them every spring, whereas with this amazing list you can plant them once and enjoy them forever.

Build A 300 Square Foot Windproof Hoop House For Under $500 – This tutorial takes you on a simple step-by-step journey so you can build your own huge hoop house!

42 Flowers You Can Eat – When planting your garden you don’t just have to plant fruits and vegetables to be self sufficient, these scrumptious flowers will look pretty in the yard and on your plate too!

Know Your Growing Zone – It’s important to know what your growing zone is as that may effect your crop or even what you can grow. Knowing your zone means know what you can plant and when.

How to Build and Plant a Square Foot Garden – Square foot gardening may be a new concept to you but it’s one you’ll soon become familiar with. It’s the easiest way to maximize food growth within your growing season.

How To Extend Your Growing Season – Just because spring and summer don’t seem long enough to grow all the food you want. With this fantastic post you’ll be able to significantly extend your growing season.

DIY Cold Frame – Enjoy tasty winter harvests with these simple and easy to build cold frames which can be made from upcycled materials too.

Garden Maintenance Calendars – Know what to do and when to do it with this straightforward calendar that everyone who has a garden should be familiar with.

How To Grow 100 Lbs Of Potatoes In 4 Square Feet – Potatoes are one of the easiest foods to grow and with this amazingly simple DIY you can maximize your produce in a minimal amount of space. A few of these and you’ll grow more than enough potatoes to feed the whole family.

Top 10 Gardening Mistakes Your Need To Avoid – Gardening takes a lot of hard work and dedication and is extremely rewarding, unless you make one of these simple mistakes. Make sure you know what NOT to do for a stunning yard.

DIY Natural Pesticide – This completely natural and organic pesticide requires just two abundant and cheap natural ingredients and will help keep aphids, white flies, spider mites and other unwelcome insects away from your plants.

How To build A $50 Greenhouse – Greenhouses are ideal for starting seeds, extending growing seasons or just a suitable work space. If you really want to go self sufficient you’ll need one…but don’t spend a fortune on it.

How To Build A Hoop House – With this simple design you’ll be able to protect individual planters or plant beds. Ideal fr those plants that aren’t as hardy as the others in your garden.

3 Killer Ways To Get Rid Of Weeds Naturally – These simple ideas will make it easy for you to get rid of weeds quickly and easily. With one of these ideas you won’t have to even to go to the shops!

How To Store Root Vegetables For Winter – Keep your crops garden fresh well into the colder months with this simple solution. Straightforward and easy it’s perfect for everyone to try.

Companion Planting 101 – Learn which plants you should plant together and which to avoid to promote a natural and organic garden.

Livestock & Bee Keeping 

Raising Cattle – Find out the risks and benefits of raising cattle on a limited amount of land. With an in-depth look at what you really need to consider you’ll find out whether cattle are right for you or not.

Build A Chicken Coop – Keeping chickens is a great source of meat or alternatively you can just keep them for the fresh eggs. With this simple DIY you’ll have a reliable and sturdy coop to house them.

How To Care For Chickens – Looking after chickens is easy if you know what to do, so make sure you read this fantastic post if you’re considering getting any. A happy chicken means more eggs for you!

Become A Beekeeper – If you want to enjoy your own home grown honey then this simple post will teach you everything you need to know to become a beekeeper. You won’t regret it for a second.

How To Set Up A Beehive – Bees are important to the ecosystem of any garden and will help fertilize your plants whilst making you delicious and tasty Honey…I’d say that’s a win win!

How To Increase Egg Production – There’s no need to have loads of chickens if a few will just do. With these amazing tips you’ll be able to
maximize egg production whilst keeping your chickens happy and comfortable!

Fish For Food – Fish can be raised on a small scale to meet your needs or even on a larger scale to sell. Not only will the fish be a pleasant addition to your food stocks they’ll also supplement your income.

10 Tips For Raising Goats – Whether you’re raising them for meat or milk these top tips will make it easier to care for and understand your goats.

How To Grow Your Own Animal Feed – Feeding your animals can be an expensive endeavor however you can grow your own delicious feed for them and make the most of all your crops.

How To Trim Goats Hooves – With full step by step photography you’ll be able to learn exactly what you have to do when it comes to trimming your goats hooves.

How To Build A Simple Goat Feeder – The straightforward design of this feeder means that it’s easy to make and can be done from reclaimed materials!

Herbal Remedies

Headache Healing Balm – These days we’re all a little too quick to grab the pharmaceuticals, but do we really know whats in them? This simple recipe uses completely natural ingredients to help cure your headache and keep unnecessary toxins from your body.

Raspberry Antioxidant Cordial – This tasty drink will make a welcomed addition to any home and takes no time at all to make. Packed full of vitamins and minerals it will give you the boost you need.

5 Healing DIY Soap Recipes – These soaps will help ease morning sickness, relieve stress and anxiety or even clean cuts and wounds in a flash. No need for hundreds of products when just a few will do!

27 Medicinal Plants – With these 27 plants growing in your yard you’ll be surprised at how many ailments you can heal in no time at all. All you have to do is plant them.

Food Cures You Can Grow At Home – Grow your own medicines and salves with this list of plants that can be used fr any number of cures. Plant it, grow it, use it…it’s that simple!

How To Naturally Remove Warts – Not only are warts hideous but they can also be quite contagious. Whenever you get a wart get rid of it as soon as possible with this simple natural trick!

Getting Started With Essential Oils – Take care of all sorts of illness’ with essential oils for a more natural way to keep you as fit as a fiddle.

24 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Canker Sores – Canker sores are painful for anyone when they appear but with these simple, natural ideas you’ll be able to get rid of them in no time at all!

19 Bizarre Home Cures That Work – You’ll  be amazed at how many ailments you can cure at home, you’ll be even more amazed at what you can use to cure them.

Medical Benefits Of Beeswax – Helps resolve diarrhea, hiccups, it’s anti-inflammatory and can also help lower cholesterol, making this an all round must have for any medicine cabinet.

3 First Aid Skills Everyone Should Learn – With full tutorials you’ll be able to learn these three life saving tips that could come in handy one day.

Survival & Prep

10 Ways To Cook Your Food When The Powers Out – Whether you’re still hooked to the grid or your producing your own power it’s not always reliable…but you still have to eat. Find out how to cook your food when the powers out.

A ‘Just In Case’ Three Day Emergency Meal Plan – Snowed in, hurricanes, tornadoes, earth quakes…. you just don’t know what’s around the corner. Make sure you’re ready with this simple emergency meal plan which anyone can put together.

Emergency Preparedness For Storms, Tornadoes & Hurricanes – Plan for the worst hope for the best…there’s no harm having a plan and if you live in an area which often has problems with any of these three reading this may just save your life.

11 Emergency Food Items That Can Last a Lifetime – Whatever you’re storing food for these 11 items will last a life time if stored properly. So don’t waste money on items that go off, spend you money of these emergency foods that will last.

Simple DIY Button Lamp – With just a few easy to find items you can make a source of heat and light. It’s one of the simplest lamps anyone can make…anyone can make on of these in just a few seconds.

One Log Rocket Stove – With juts a small log you can create your own stove, which you can use to cook a delicious hot meal on or else you can enjoy the warmth and light it provides. This top tip is great for those that love to camp too.

Prepping On A Budget – Preparing for every eventuality can be an expensive undertaking…but if you make sure you’re prepping properly it won’t cost anywhere near as much as you’d think!

Olive Oil Lamp – With just a few items that you’ll already have, you can put together a lamp in no time at all. All you’ll need to do is top up the oil to make it work as long as you need it!

Food Storage Without Electricity – You don’t need electricity to keep your food fresh, people did it for hundreds of years before fridges and freezers were invented…so why can’t you?

80 Emergency Supplies To Stock Up On – If you have supplies ready and waiting, you won’t need to rely on anyone when disaster strikes. These are the 80 items you should be stock piling!

11 Ways To Cook Off Grid Without Power – Whether you’re in an emergency or if you don’t want to rely on electricity for a tasty meal then these fantastic ideas are perfect!

Winter Preparedness – These amazing tips will tell you exactly how to prepare your homestead for the colder months. With everything from money saving ideas to getting your livestock ready this post has it all!

Green Home

How To Build A Solar Thermal Heater – Build this super efficient water heating system to produce hot water and help reduce your bills. With full step by step instructions this simple DIY will make a noticeable difference in anyone’s home.

DIY Bio Fuel Briquettes – Building your own bio fuel is easier than you’d think. With just a few items you can create briquettes that will fuel your fire longer than most store bought alternatives. A must try!

How to Build a Totally Self-Sustaining Home – This no-nonsense guide gives you the basics on how to build a completely self-sustaining home and how anyone can live self sufficiently!

How To Build Your Own Solar Power System – Learn everything you need to know with this comprehensive guide to be able to create your own solar power system!

Amazing Secret Way To Get Free Solar Panels – With this amazing tip you could end up with hundreds of dollars worth of free panels which you can then use to create your own electricity!

How To Make A Solar Heater – With just a few easy to find materials and some upcycled cans you can create a heater which will keep any room warm for free. Works entirely off of the sun so it doesn’t need to be hooked up to electricity.

7 Must Have Products For A Green Home – Going green doesn’t just mean solar power and less waste, it’s also important to make sure you avoid toxic chemicals in your home. But with just these 7 products you can replace a ton of toxic store bought alternatives!

Off Grid Refrigeration – Don’t want to be hooked into the grid? Then these simple ideas will help you keep food and drinks cold without running up a ridiculously large electricity bill.

Off Grid Alternatives To Kitchen Tools – You’re off the grid but you’ve still got to eat. These simple and easy to make alternatives will help you make food just as delicious as always.

Homemade Laundry Soap – Laundry is not the funnest of chores but it’s a necessity, with this amazing tutorial you’ll be able to make your own natural soap which will clean your clothes as well as any store bought alternatives!

DIY Solar Panel From Solar Yard Lights – With this amazingly impressive DIY you’ll be able to transform everyday solar lights from your garden into a source of energy for your home.

41 Eco-Friendly Ways To Save Money – With these simple and straightforward money saving tips you’ll be able to reduce your outgoings making your life easier.

10 Tips For Using Less Water – Not only will you save on your bills but using less water means you can rely less on the grid… perfect for everyone who wants to go self sufficient!

Portable Solar Generator – This simple DIY will allow you to have a portable generator that will always work. No need to connect up to the grid at all with this ingenious build that anyone can do.

DIY Grow Lamps – Perfect for your seedlings and promoting growth in your plants under a light bulb, this easy DIY can be recreated quite simply!

Homesteading Supplies You Can Get At The Dollar Store – Homesteading can seem like an expensive and daunting task but with these budget friendly purchases it’ll become significantly more affordable!

Why It Pays To Spend – Sometimes parting with a little more cash is worth it in the long run. Whether it’s for a much needed tool or a better quality of livestock feed you’ll find that you could be more successful if you spend just a little more cash.

Natural Stove Top Cleaner – Using just a few ingredients you can make your own stove top cleaner which is completely natural and doesn’t rely on toxic chemicals.

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