Cheap Kitchen Makeover Projects

So let’s head over to see these more than 25 Before and After Kitchen makeover ideas I rounded up in this post. And check out how to upgrade and transform an outdated kitchen to give it a really new modern looking.

Black and White Kitchen Makeover Reveal


Absolutely stunning! This is one of the most beautiful kitchen transformations I have seen! They need to be featured in a magazine. You can see here how paint and talent can completely transform an old fashioned kitchen with oak cabinets to a gorgeous modern looking room with minimal effort and expense. See more here.

Painted Kitchen Cabinets


The householder painted the lower cabinets blue and the upper cabinets white, changed upper cabinet facing with glasses and shelves. And the little addition of the dark wood island against the blue and white brings a bit of warmth and richness. What a great transformation to layer a few colorful pieces to freshen up the outdated kitchen. Learn more here.

Paint Totally Transform a Kitchen


At the first glance you may assume the changing was high-end and expensive. But when you check out the two pictures carefully your jaw will drop. It’s well done on a budget and so quickly with simply changing the paint , renewing the countertops, the sink, the appliances and adding some lighting. See the adorable work here.

Grand Kitchen Reveal


Wow, what a transformation. It’s light, bright and very charming. I love that they replaced the cabinet facing and replacing of wood counter tops which gives a worm and rustic look fitting the tiles very much. The ugly outdated kitchen now is pretty stylish with the minimal remodeling. See how to feature it herehere.

Before and After: a Rustic Modern Retreat


The family updated their 60s cinder block kitchen to a rustic modern reveal. With exposed beams, marble countertops, hardwood floors and a hand-built farm table, they cut a lot of cost. I especially love the little blue hardware which add a fresh look to this rustic space. See how their dream came true here.

Before and After: 80s Kitchen Transformation


The family transformed their sad 80s oak feel kitchen into a cozy modern retreat, complete with cabinets reorganizing and repainting, countertops renewing , hardware replacing. Love the two tone cabinets in blue and cream, the black hardware so much. Especially love the nice granite countertops which gives a lift to the whole space. See more details here.

Tiny Kitchen Makeover: Add Stylish and Glamour


This tiny kitchen is adorable. I love the embellished gilded corner brackets on all drawers and cupboards, the blackboard painted wall, and that they replaced the corner cabinet with the open glass shelving. The beautiful chandelier in copper color adds to glamour. See more details here.

Kitchen Makeover: Change Color Palette to Lighten up


This is a stunningly beautiful makeover! The remodeled kitchen has a trendy and attractive outlook looks much brighter now . The family completed it with changing the wall color and repainting the cabinet, replacing the hardware, renewing the countertops and sink. I love that they replaced the corner cabinet with the open shelving and the beautiful white subway tiles. here.

Before and After: an Industrial Modern Kitchen


Instead of replacing the ugly outdated but in good condition cabinets, the householder painted them white and replaced the hardware. The backsplash was replaced with a classic white subway tile and the countertops were changed to a white silestone that is durable and sturdy. By knocking down the walls, it made room for an island, which add storage and function. Other details that changed and that gives a whole new look to the white furniture are the pendants, the black hardwares and the green industrial style chairs. Have a detailed checking out here.

Before and After:Black French Door


Beautiful transformation. Love the way the materials reflect the style of the space and add so much light. I love the touches of green with the blacks ,wood brown and blue! It’s great to layer a few colorful pieces to freshen up the outdated kitchen. The island got an easy upgrade with beadboard and paint to make it feel special. Swapping out a basic grade white door to a painted black French style makes the pantry feel more inviting. See more details here.

Before and After: Customed Cabinet Door


In this kitchen remodeling you’ll see how an 100-year-old farmhouse kitchen turned to a modern stylish space. With hand made cabinets and custom ordered white facing, a repainted black French style door, wood countertops and new sink and everything , the updated kitchen really looks so, so comfortable and amazing! Well done! See more details here.

Before: Simple Cuisine. After: A White Revelation.


Great kitchen redo on a budget- before’s and after’s ! The householder painted the oak cabinets “white”, painted the wall green to give the space a fresh and modern look. It’s very smart to reorganize the cabinets by moving the stove next to the wall a little far away to make it more convenient and comfortable for using. Love the antique pendant lighting so much which infuses gorgeous glamour to this lovely space. Such a great fix for any kitchen!here.

Before & After: Shabby Chic


This is another side of the kitchen, the householder removed some cabinets and replace them with a hutch which can provide more storage and add to pretty chic look. Inspiring! See more here.

Before & After: Keep the Charm of Old


Amazing upgrade!This is a perfect example where a place is transformed by relatively minor changes. I appreciate how they keep the charm of the old and just freshening it up. They finished the renovation with a lick of paint, new tiles, cheerful light fittings and a couple of ikea countertops. Learn more about this adorable work here.

Before & After: 2 Kitchens Overhauled with Bold Color & Painted Cabinets


The new kitchen now has a totally different look just with minimal changes. It’s amazing that they get the whole thing done for approximately $300 ($200 for the counter and jigsaw rental and $100 for paint and supplies). Love the bold color pallet, black beauty gives weight and accents, the strong contrast of green pops the whole space up and the wood color infuses a warm and inviting feel. Learn more about this project here.

Before and After: Budget-Friendly Option.


The family completed the renovation with repainting the wall yellow and the cabinet white. Love the island from IKEA. The space looks much more airy and fresh now. There’s no need to spend tons on custom cabinetry and granite counters, especially on a kitchen island. The island was a breeze to assemble and really high quality and very sturdy. See the respectable work here.

Solid and as Carved from a Piece of Wood


What an amazing improvement. I can no longer recognize the kitchen. What beautiful, tranquil color pallet. I can’t believe they finished the remodeling with the minimal changes. The space is now light-filled and inviting. The kitchen island was updated with lapboard, limestone countertops, and new doors front in chicken wire. I really love the crown molding, antique wooden corbels, and Chester Grey paint by Ralph Lauren. Head on over here to read more about the renovation.

Before and After: Faux Finish on the Kitchen Cabinets.


It’s crazy what a difference a bit color scheme change can make, isn’t it? The brown cabinets made the before kitchen feel like it came straight out of the 1970’s. However, a lot of the difference is due to different paint colors and crown molding! And the crown molding, new hardware and stainless give this kitchen a sleek sophisticated look. source

A Rrenovated Kitchen: Fresh, Airy, Retro and Feminine


Check out the kitchen before and after carefully you will find how different the kitchen looks by simply makeover. The kitchen was in good condition and perfect for a man but it was not a wife’s dreamy beautiful, feminine and fresh cooking space. The housewife painted the cabinets, added a shelf above the sink, made some new window treatments, and added a lovely cart (she found at a yard sale for $15 dollars). And she has a dreamy kitchen now. Learn more about her hard work and see more beautiful photos here.

Before and After: A Dark Kitchen Gets A Refreshing New Look


What an amazing improvement. This kitchen was dark and dingy with the brown cabinets and backsplash. But now it’s light-filled, airy and inviting. They painted the cabinets white and changed the hardwares. I really love the removal of the upper cabinets. The open shelving takes away that feeling of heaviness that existed before and add a place to display artwork, plants and glassware. See more details here.

Ikea Kitchen Renovation: Cost Breakdown


What a great transformation. I love that they did such a great job of balancing exactly what they want with the cost of the cabinets, appliances and details. The kitchen is filled with details. Love the color scheme, doses of white with splash of green to cheer it up, black gray and brown to give it weight. The Ikea cabinets and the black iron brackets are so beautiful and they infuse elegant glamour. If you want to read more about the renovation and see lots of other photos. Please head over here.

Before and After: Painted Tile Backsplash


I love the change of the backsplash, the shimmer of metallic tiles is charming. The kitchen looks much more modern and stylish now. But can you believe the backsplash is paint, not tile. See how she painted it here.

Before and After: Teeny Tiny kitchen Cheap Makeover

24-kitchen-makeoverWhat an amazing improvement. Here are some details I love so much: the lovely color sheme, the the natural medium brown wooden countertop, the recessed panel doors of the cabinet, the bird mural. That blue color looks so good with the natural color on the counters! The painted tree is the cherry on the top .For complete collection of remodeling kitchen on budget images and tips. Take a lookhere

Before & After: an Amazing Transformation for $3,500


I love everything about this kitchen, the sink, the chalkboard door, the flooring, the industrial kitchen island and chairs, the open shelving, and that blue tile backsplashes. The splash of blue cheers the space up to feature a vivid look. What’s most impressive is that great renovation was completed for only $3,500. See more about this incredible jobhere

Before & After: A 1950s Kitchen Gets An Affordable Upgrade


Unbelievable renovation with a limited budget and time frame, a major overhaul can be done on a dated kitchen. The new kitchen is filled in with funky details which made it a bright, cozy, inviting, fresh and feminine cooking space. Love the soft color pallet, the stylish flooring, the pendant very much. Especially love the the floral bird wallpaper which cheer the whole space up. If you are loving this makeover and want to check out more details, please head over here.
Big Reveal: the Turquoise Kitchen


The perfect example of how simply changing color scheme, countertops and shelving can really freshen up a room. This is an affordable way to change an outdated dark and what felt like gloomy kitchen to a fresh, open and airy space. That blue color looks so good with the white and natural color. The open shelving takes away the feeling of heaviness that existed before, and creates a spot to display artwork, plants and glassware.source

Before & After: A Colorful DIY Play Kitchen!


If you’re ready for an upgrade of your old fashioned oak cabinets and 80’s look in your kitchen. Check out this transition to a new modern looking kitchen in this reveal. And this is really an eye candy which plays on color. I love every single detail in this kitchen and I’m sure this is a budget friendly make over that is affordable.source

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