Clever Ways to Keep Your Jewelry Organized

1 Chevron Painted Framed Cork Board


Chevron Painted Framed Cork Board (via Dear Lillie)

2 Driftwood and Knobs Jewelry Rack


Driftwood and Knobs Jewelry Rack (via Visibly Moved)

3 Pallet and Pipe Jewelry Holder


Pallet and Pipe Jewelry Holder (via Creativity Jar)

4 Driftwood and Sticks Jewelry Board


Driftwood and Sticks Jewelry Board (via Rebeccas DIY)

5 Hanger Jewelry Holder


Hanger Jewelry Holder (via I SPY DIY)

6 Animal Jewelry Holder


Animal Jewelry Holder: I saw this jewelry holder one day at The Paper Source and knew it could easily be recreated. I had leftover plastic animals from this DIY tutorial, so it was (via Why Don’t You Make Me?)

7 Frame and Moulding Organizer


Frame and Moulding Organizer: Okay, yes, Im on a storage kick these days. Have I mentioned that our house is kind of small? With very few surfaces on which to put stuff? I bought a much-needed jewelry box the other day, and when I got it home I realized there was no place to put it. Seriously. The only […] (via Monaluna)

8 Plates and Shot Glass Tiered Tray


Plates and Shot Glass Tiered Tray: A personal style guide based out of Baton Rouge and New Orleans (via A Pinch of Lovely)

9 DIY Jewelry Tree


DIY Jewelry Tree: Happy monday everybody! I hope you had a lovely weekend. Since we moved into a new apartment I’ve been feeling quite creative. I love decorating the new place and using natural materials. We live v… (via Greenderella)

10 Shabby Chic Dangly Earring Display


Shabby Chic Dangly Earring Display: This fun little shabby chic earring stand, made from an altered picture frame, is a great way to hang and display all your beautiful, dangling earrings. I had the idea for this project after we talked about my love affair [] (via Kevin & Amanda)

11 Picture Frames Jewelry Organizer


Picture Frames Jewelry Organizer: Turn an ordinary Ikea picture frame into a jewellery organizer so fabulous that it doubles as an art piece. (via suburble)

12 Painted Driftwood Hanger


Painted Driftwood Hanger (via Lovely Indeed)

13 Cheese Grater Jewelry Holder


Cheese Grater Jewelry Holder: From cheese grater to jewelry holder; D.I.Y. Trash to Treasure. One of the great things about being a free-spirited person, is that it also gives you the ability to see things.., as they are not, to see things with an open mind and to use that creativeness inside of you to visualize somethings ability to (via Endless Acres Farmtiques)

14 Tie Rack Jewelry Holder


Tie Rack Jewelry Holder (via style’n)

15 Martini Glass Earring Hanger


Martini Glass Earring Hanger: How to Store Jewelry. Even though most people think that storing jewelry is “just” about putting jewelry away, it’s not that simple. When storing jewelry, you can choose to showcase some of your jewelry and personality at the same time, as… (via wikiHow)

16 Vertical Display Jewelry Organizer


Vertical Display Jewelry Organizer (via Eyes Of Style)

17 Small Plastic Shelf Jewelry Organizer


Small Plastic Shelf Jewelry Organizer: The one post on my blog that gets the most views is my all time favorite— the DIY Ikea Makeup Vanity. When a reader told me that Ikea was discontinuing the Ekby Gruvan shelf, I went out and purchased another one to organize my office at work and also a smaller version. Both the makeup (via ms.Tapioca)

18 Pretty Prehistoric Ring Holders


Pretty Prehistoric Ring Holders: Today I have a really easy and fun DIY for you, prehistoric ring holders. Certain toy dinoshave a perfect shape or features for holding your favorite rings! I found this Brachiosaurus, and wooly mammoth at the craft store the other day. With a coupon they are rea
lly affordable, around $5 a piece. (via My So Called Crafty Life)

19 Antler Jewelry Display

Antler Jewelry Display (via Miss Renaissance)

20 Lace Doily Bowl


Lace Doily Bowl: Learn how to turn a lace doily into a bowl! (via Free People Blog)

21 Cutlery Tray Jewelry Organizer


Cutlery Tray Jewelry Organizer: The materials for this project have been hiding under my kitchen table (a.k.a. my craft table, a.k.a. our microwave table) for several months and I finally had (via The DIY Mommy)

22 Twig and Twine Jewelry Holder


Twig and Twine Jewelry Holder (via Julie Ann Art)

23 Cork Board Jewelry Organizer


Cork Board Jewelry Organizer: I haven’t been overly motivated to decorate our apartment. It’s a tiny one bedroom apartment, and our stuff doesn’t really fit so it’s really cluttered and cramped. But recently I’ve decided that… (via Katelyn Brooke Blog)

24 IKEA Utensil Jewelry Organizer


IKEA Utensil Jewelry Organizer: Just in case you missed all the fun yesterday, or wanted more details on this DIY, I thought Id share my jewelry organization solution today. Holly & I were asked to be a part of (UT) Studio 5s IKEA +$10 Challenge. They give you an item to use plus a $10 budget. Here’s the item…Read More (via My Sister’s Suitcase)

25 Chalkboard Necklace Hanger


Chalkboard Necklace Hanger: As long as little one’s are under my roof, I can guarantee you won’t find a DIY project on here that seems overcomplicated. Simplicity is absolute bliss over here!…unless we’re talking ice cream toppings, then I say BRING ON THE COMPLICATION BABY!!!…Okay, I’ll calm down and stop (via The Patriotic Peacock)

26 Yarn Jewelry Holder


Yarn Jewelry Holder (via Evie S.)

27 Panel Jewelry Display


Panel Jewelry Display: As a chronic renter I’m always reinventing ways to display my favorite things. This jewelry display idea is an easy way to show off your baubles and pretties without adding a million holes to your walls or tangling all of your chains in the process. One trip to the hardware store and you’re in business. Step 1: You’ll need 1 panel of pine measuring 3/4″ x 20″ x 48″, a… (via A Beautiful Mess)

28 Metal Mesh Jewelry Holder


Metal Mesh Jewelry Holder: When I moved out here….there were a few crucial things I forgot to bring, just under Oli’s birth certificate and Beck’s passport, I forgot almost all of my jewelry. The first thing that ran thro… (via Cotton and Curls)

29 Ombre Necklace Rack


Ombre Necklace Rack (via Well It’s Okay)

30 Gold Monogram Dish


Gold Monogram Dish (via The Vault Files)

31 Wooden Tray Organizer


Wooden Tray Organizer: My dear friend, Megan, and I were recently discussing the cute handmade jewelry-hanging ideas that we’ve seen in bloggyland. We both agreed that we also need a spot for things that don’t hang, without having two different items for storage. Last week, I got inspired. I realized that using a tray on its side […] (via A Time for Everything)

32 Jewelry Bust


Jewelry Bust: Your home for all things Design. Home Tours, DIY Project, City Guides, Shopping Guides, Before & Afters and much more (via Design Sponge)

33 Wooden Board Jewelry Display


Wooden Board Jewelry Display (via Maiedae)

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