Cool DIY Halloween Costumes for Teens

As usual we bring you a list of the most fun, coolest and amazingly effortless DIY costumes you can easily make! So call out your squad and scroll through this list! We assure you’ll have a lot of fun and that after scrolling through, you can’t wait to get your hands rolling to pull-off these Halloween costumes!

1. DIY Wind Up Key


Looking for a vintage doll costume? Why not a Wind Up Key?

2. DIY 5 Last Minute Costumes


On a hurry! Choose and grab these pair from your closet! I am sure you have at least one pair!!! 😉

3. DIY Gumball Machine Costume


Give out a lot of fun vibe with this Gumball Machine Costume! Take note — you can do it yourself!!!

4. DIY Medusa Costume


Medusa is CLASSIC. But with the new hair braid-styles nowadays, you can surely add a lot of modern touch to this Medusa Halloween Costume!

5. DIY Cereal Bowl Costume


Who would not be captivated by this Cereal Bowl Costume? Even you would! Just be careful not to blend in with the cereals too much!

6. DIY Mermaid Halloween Costume


The idea of being a mermaid and living in the deep vast ocean captivated many children and I am not excused. If you are one of us, then this season is your perfect excuse to go become one!

7. DIY Cute Homemade Lamb Costume


A sheep costume that is not often worn is a perfect idea if you want to be unique!

8. DIY Vodoo Doll Costume


A simple and super easy last minute costume that requires nothing else but a heart with needles on it. BIG needles on it!

9. DIY Ice Cream Cone Costume


Go grab some colorful and fun popsicle sticks and make yourself an ice cream with cherry on top!

10. DIY Wolf Costume


Go chase a Red Riding Hood with this DIY wolf costume street-style!

11. DIY Angel Costume


Remember how Claire Danes rocked the 2016 Met Gala with Zac Posen’s glowing gown? It’s your time to shine now!

11. DIY Paper Doll Costume


What a fun reason to dress up! Go be a paper doll for a day!

12. DIY No-Sew Halloween Spiderweb Cape


Be you a Spider or a Witch, this no-sew spider web is a perfect accessory to that wicked, spooky costume!

13. DIY Bat Halloween Costume


Have got not much of a time to pull-out something this Halloween? Check this DIY Bat costume and you need not worry anymore!

14. DIY Frozen Queen Elsa Costume


Let it go! Let it go! — If Frozen is one of your favorite Disney movies then this Queen Elsa costume tutorial will inspire you to become her for a little time. 😉

15. DIY Flapper Dress Costume


Have you got 2 hours? Yes? Then this vintage-y-1920’s costume idea will surely keep you occupied!

16. DIY Fantasy Skirt


Constantly wondering how a fantasy skirt would look on you? It’s time for you to find out!

17. DIY Sushi Costume


Not everyone loves sushi but hey if you do (like I do) why not be a sushi for a day?

18. DIY Pinata Costume


Bring to life that childish imagination and spread fun vibes to everyone this 31st by wearing this Pinata costume!

19. DIY Watermelon Costume


Love watermelons more than you love lemons? This watermelon costume is perfect DIY idea for a teen and would surely look beautiful on a girl like you!

20. DIY Shoot For The Star


Looking for a fun, bright and sparkly head dress to match your outfit? This catchy Star head-dress is surely a perfect match!

21. DIY Inexpensive Mermaid Costume


Still undecided on the idea of becoming a mermaid this Halloween? This cheap and easy mermaid costume will help you come up with a final decision.

22. DIY Coca-Cola Costume


As one of the most loved and famous household brand, Coca-Cola costume is surely a spooky hit!

23. DIY Taco Halloween Costume


Go seduce a pack of hungry Zombies by this DIY Taco costume! Don’t miss out the fun!

24. DIY Despicable Me Costume


A fan of Gru and his minions? Bring to life the fun world of The Despicable Me with this costume that is not only fun and bright but is also cute and adorable!

25. DIY League Costume


Call out your squad and be a SQUAD! This League Costume is a great idea if you want to rock something together with your friends!

26. DIY M&M Costume


Another last-minute DIY costume idea is this M&M costume that is super easy and cheap to make! Grab your friends and decide on which colors you’d go and the rest is on this tutorial.

27. DIY No-Sew Halloween Costumes


Wednesday Addams of The Addams Family surely has never failed to make you feel eerie and if you want the same vibes this Halloween, check this tutorial out!

28. DIY Glowing Gown


A spooky glowing gown is perfect for that Halloween party you and your friends are attending this 31st!

29. DIY Thing 1 & Thing 2 Costume

Thing 1 and Thing 2 is a perfect idea for if you want to be in tandem with your best friend!

30. DIY 2 Disney Easy Halloween Costumes


Or go classy with this Disney costume that is inspired by the movie Alice in Wonderland.

31. DIY Belle Costume


You opt to look smart with class? No problem! I’m pretty sure you’d live the idea of becoming The Beauty and The Beast’s Belle! Just please make sure to be careful in attracting a beast! 😉

32. DIY Mrs. Incredible Costume


The Incredibles is a power house of super power and brains. And if you want to become one, this DIY costume will teach you how to DIY your costume!

33. DIY Queen Of Hearts


No to Queen Elsa? How about Queen of Hearts?

34. DIY Burglar Costume


A cute idea to show off! This burglar costume is probably one of the best costume ideas this Halloween.

35. DIY Queen Of Hearts


Another Queen of Hearts costume idea for those who wants to rule this 31st of October!

36. DIY Super Hero Costume


This Supergirl costume with a twist is a fun and bright idea this Halloween if you prefer to go Super Hero than Vilan mode.

37. DIY Stunning Mermaid Tiara


We’ve given you 2 brilliant ideas on DIY mermaid costume above. And nope! We did not forget your tiara darling!

38. DIY 10 Last Minute Halloween Costumes


If you want to keep it simple, nothing extraordinary — okay we still have something for you on the list. This Ghost costume  is for you!

39. DIY Halloween Dance Party


If you want to keep it simple, nothing extraordinary — okay we still have something for you on the list. This Ghost costume  is for you!

39. DIY Halloween Dance Party


For our bookworms, here is a DIY book fairy costume idea for you!

41. DIY Katniss Everdeen Costume


A cool and hip costume to compliment this season’s fun and creative festival is wearing the signature Girl on Fire costume!

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