Cool DIY Instruments For Kids

A great way to get kids involved with music and teach them appreciation for the instruments is by creating DIY instruments together!

1. Spin Drums 


2. Rainbow Xylophone

And Next Comes L

3. Popsicle Harmonica 

Housing a Forest

4. Pot Bell 

Developmental Community Music!

5. Straw Flute 

Deceptively Educational

6. Castanets 


7. Coffee Can Drums 

Kids Activities

8. Homemade French Horn 

Savvy Homemade

9. Paper Plate Tambourines 

paper plates ,Red Ted Art

10. Driftwood Rattle 

Red Ted Art

11. Wrist Bells 

Skip to my Lou

12. Egg Shakers 

Mama Smiles

13. Plastic Spoon Maracas

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