Cool DIY Wall Art Projects

1 Ombre Wall Art


Ombre Wall Art: You might also like:Typographic Canvas {DIY} Recreating Anthropologie {Paint Dripped Mason Jars DIY} White-washed Jewelry Holder {DIY} (via Two Delighted)

2 Gold Stenciled Canvas


Gold Stenciled Canvas (via University of Florida Fashion Files)

3 Cutout Canvas


Cutout Canvas (via Joyfully Jensen)

4 Ikat Canvas


Ikat Canvas: I’m a huge fan of ikat patterns of all shapes and sizes and I bought this plate from Target a long time ago and have been wanting to copy its pattern forever. I got some spending money and went straight to Michaels and bought this HUGE canvas. I picked out some of my favorite colors of (via Child at Heart)

5 Elmer’s Glue On Canvas


Elmer’s Glue On Canvas (via Virginia and Charlie)

6 Framed Scarf Wall Art


Framed Scarf Wall Art (via Honey Sweet Home)

7 Modern Lines Wall Art


Modern Lines Wall Art: Learn how to create a simple DIY modern painting. The large-scale piece is modern, minimalist, striking and can be completed as an easy weekend art project. (via The New Domestic)

8 Ombré Quote Wall Art


Ombré Quote Wall Art: Learn how to make ombre typographic wall art. (via Sarah Hearts)

9 Framed Glitter


Framed Glitter (via Mr. Kate)

10 Scrabble Wall Art


Scrabble Wall Art (via Insideways)

11 Abstract Stripes On Canvas


Abstract Stripes On Canvas: 1 & 2. So firstly try and come up with some sort of colour scheme or at least colours that you think might go together and contrast well. Keep working on it until your happy, there is no set way to do this. You could do swirls, blobs, lines, whatever… (via ooh I Like That)

12 Hexagon Wall Art


Hexagon Wall Art: Geometric shapes and metallic colours are all the range in the decorating world right now and this artwork has both! (via Tara Dennis)

13 Scrapbook Flower Wall Art


Scrapbook Flower Wall Art (via It’s Doable)

14 Instagram Canvas Prints


Instagram Canvas Prints: If you love snapping cool pictures with your smartphone using Instagram or Hipstamatic but don’t know what to do with those square shots, then try making your own canvas print. Instead of tossing down the cash for square picture frames or paying up to (via Popsugar)

15 Wordy Wall Art


Wordy Wall Art: How can you create wall art that is both personal and beautiful without breaking the budget? I’ll show ya some tricks… (via Brown Sugar Toast)

16 Quotes on Canvas


Quotes on Canvas (via Six 2 Eleven)

17 Sequin Art


Sequin Art (via LiveLoveDIY)

18 Postcard Wall Art


Postcard Wall Art (via How About Orange)

19 Hi Painting


Hi Painting (via I SPY DIY)

20 Teacup Wall Art


Teacup Wall Art (via Christina Lowry Designs)

21 Fabric on Canvas Wall Art


Fabric on Canvas Wall Art (via The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking)

22 Stenciled Canvas Art


Stenciled Canvas Art (via The Redheaded Stepchild)

23 Doily Rub-on Canvas


Doily Rub-on Canvas: Here’s a fun little canvas I made using some of the new Doiley rub-ons. It’s really easy to make, and you only need a few supplies; Doilies Rub-ons Blank Canvas (mine is 8″ x 10″) Decoupage First cut out some… (via Allison Kreft Designs)

24 Masking Tape Abstract Canvas


Masking Tape Abstract Canvas: Today my sister came over, and we whipped up a painting to hang in her new apartment. Believe it or not it only took us a few hours to compl (via Wit & Whistle)

25 Textured Wall Art


Textured Wall Art (via Happy Together)

26 Fabric Art Wall Hanging


Fabric Art Wall Hanging: If you have fat quarters you cant bear to cut into small pieces, combine them with larger pieces to cover purchased stretched artists canvases. Black-and-white florals and prints, such as these from the Night and Day 2 collection for Robert Kaufman Fabrics, make striking wall art. (via All People Quilt)

27 Chevron Wall Art


Chevron Wall Art (via Embellish)

28 Dots Wall Art


Dots Wall Art: DIY Happy Dots Wall Art, Happy Dots Wall Art, Dots artwork, dots painting, DIY Dots painting (via Shop Sweet Things)

29 Tissue Painted Canvas


Tissue Painted Canvas (via Fiskars)

30 Instagram Canvas Art


Instagram Canvas Art (via Vintage Wanna Bee)

31 Circle Punch Wall Art


Circle Punch Wall Art (via Mer Mag)

32 Gold Leaf Map Art


Gold Leaf Map Art: Make or win this gold leaf map artwork and frames from Third Floor Design Studio and Ikea! (via Sugar & Cloth)

33 Ribbon Wall Art


Ribbon Wall Art: DIY Home Decorating and Crafts (via Homey Oh My!)

34 Glow in the Dark Halloween Art


Glow in the Dark Halloween Art (via How About Orange)

35 USA Wall Art


USA Wall Art (via It’s Just Jane)

36 Gold Leaf Monogram Art


Gold Leaf Monogram Art (via 6th Street Design School)

37 Song Lyric Wall Art


Song Lyric Wall Art: A couple weeks ago, I found a paint-by-number at an unbeatable price. I can’t pass these things up even though I already owned this particular design. I thought that I could maybe use it to make a fun D.I.Y., but my new rule is that all thrifts that I purchase with the intent of restyling need to get done right away. I have way too many half finished projects in… (via A Beautiful Mess)

38 Junk Mail Wall Art


Junk Mail Wall Art: Use mailers from your favorite stores to create unique collage art. All you need is a base canvas, scissors and Mod Podge – and some creativity! (via Modge Podge Rocks)

39 Colorful Chevron Wall Art


Colorful Chevron Wall Art (via Love Hue Home)

40 Painted Wood Wall Art


Painted Wood Wall Art (via Salvage Love)

41 Fish Scale Wall Art


Fish Scale Wall Art (via Let’s Go Sunning)

42 Pressed Ferns


Pressed Ferns (via ECAB)

43 Quilled Monogram


Quilled Monogram (via Craftastical)

44 Giant Cross Stitch


Quilled Monogram (via Craftastical)

45 Floral Wreath Guest Books


Floral Wreath Guest Books (via Oh Happy Day)

46 Hex Nut Wall Art


Hex Nut Wall Art: makekind: creative diy projects from laura parke (via Design for Mankind)

47 Yarn Blocks Printing


Yarn Blocks Printing: Steph is the founder/managing editor of Modern Parents Messy Kids and mom to a 2 year old son and 1 year old daughter. She started MPMK as a resource for (via Whip Up)

48 Textured Wall Art


Textured Wall Art (via Blu Kat Kraft)

49 Glitter Chevron Canvas


Glitter Chevron Canvas (via John and Rachel)

50 Lip Print Wall Art


Lip Print Wall Art: The kiss is a symbol that’s as playful as it is romantic. We see its presence everywhere. From Dan Colens artwork to Erin Fetherstons current collection, a kiss will never go out of style. Now its… (via P.S. I Made This)

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