Cool Mod Podge Crafts

With everything here from homemade coasters to decorative photo transfers and plenty more in between, you’ll soon wonder how you went on crafting for so long without mod podge in your life!

Make Your Own Mod Podge – Before we begin with all the crafts, save yourself a trip to the store and discover how to make your own mod podge at home!

DIY Handmade Map Coasters – Have you got a favorite vacation spot? Maybe you like to jet-set all over the place? Why not create these brilliant coasters using sections of maps and remind yourself of those special destinations.

Decoupage Candle Holders – With a bit of tissue paper and some trusty mod podge, you too can craft these beautiful luminaries. They’re easy to do but they’re oh-so effective!

DIY Mod Podge Hangers – This is a fun project to jazz up your closet! With these simple decorative hangers, you can choose any design or color you want and make them fit with the style of your room.

Colorful Mason Jar Tutorial – Mason Jars are fantastic for crafting, but finding the right color to suit your decor or what you have planned can be a nightmare! This excellent tutorial reveals how to tint your own mason jars, making it easier for you to get the exact color you need.

How To Make A Clipboard With Mod Podge – Writing notes would be more exciting if you could do it on a fun, brightly colored clip board wouldn’t they? Check out this DIY and make it happen!

How To Transfer A Photo –  With just a few supplies, anyone can give this easy craft a go…and the finished product will create a beautiful talking point!

DIY Napkin Weights – Useful and original, these homemade weights don’t have to be just for napkins! Use them on piles of papers, to hold down rogue bits of curling fabric or to secure your picnic blanket in the summer!

Cell Phone Holder – Don’t throw away those old lotion bottles just yet because once you’ve seen this nifty trick, you’ll want to make it!

DIY Sunglasses – Customize your glasses and stand out from the crowd with this super simple DIY.

Mod Podge iPhone Case & Charger – Why spend a fortune on a new iPhone case when you can make one for just a dollar?

DIY Dresser Refresh – Want to update a tired piece of furniture? Create your own piece of artwork with this fantastic mod podge craft and bring a stylish new feel to any room.

Decoupaging With Lace – Bring an elegant texture to your pottery with this easy tutorial. All you need is a bit of lace and, of course, some mod podge!

DIY Handmade Jewelry – Is there anything that mod podge can’t do? With this fantastic DIY you won’t have to buy designer accessories or pay designer prices, instead you can create your own beautiful accessories to compliment any outfit!

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