Cool Ways To Upcycle Baby Food Jars

Baby food jars are an incredibly versatile material when it comes to crafting unique decor, gifts, or even treats! Moms tend to collect these little jars over the years, but instead of giving them away or recycling them, upcycle those jars into beautiful projects!

From neat little pincushions to candy jars to give away as gifts, you’re sure to find a fantastic project to make on your own, for gifts, or with the kids.

We hope you’ll be inspired to take on a few simple projects this weekend!

Baby Food Jar Pin Cushion –  Upcycle an old, empty baby food jar by attaching a pincushion to the lid. The glass bottom of the jar is used to store spare buttons for a cute, all in one organizer for your sewing basket.

Baby Herb Garden –  If you don’t have much room, or you really don’t need a large herb garden, use empty baby food jars to quickly and easily grow a small herb garden. They’ll fit nicely on your windowsill for sure!

Chalkboard Label Spice Jars – A gaggle of empty baby food jars are perfect for storing small amounts of herbs and spices. This project aims to transform the jars into an Anthropologie look-a-like set of spice jars. So cute!

DIY Apple Candy Jar – While you can certainly make this project with larger jars, we think a baby food jar is the perfect size for a little gift of candy to a teacher. What a cute take on giving an apple to a teacher!

DIY Nail Polish Remover Jar –  Those little jars filled with nail polish remover and sponges are pretty pricey, especially considering that with a baby food jar, a couple cheap makeup sponges, and a bottle of nail polish remover, you can make exactly the same thing for a fraction of the price.

Baby Food JarHanging Planter – This unique, rustic planter uses a combination of mason jars and baby food jars to create a planter and vase combination display. The bottom row is filled with brightly colored plants, while the top displays rose cuttings in the itty bitty vases.

Topiary Decor – This cute party decor idea fills empty baby food jars with brightly colored jelly beans, while the trunk and top of the yellow topiaries are tucked into a small hole in the lid, which has been painted a pale green.

Lighthouse Luminaries – These adorable summertime crafts would be perfect for little night lights in a beach-themed home, or just as a cute craft to make with the kids!

Homemade Hummingbird Feeder – Your friends and guests will never believe that this adorable, tiny hummingbird feeder used to be a baby food jar. This craft is easy, wonderfully customizable, and easily refillable, so you can enjoy hummingbird sighting all season!

Stained Glass Look Night Light – These itty bitty night lights are perfect crafts for the kids to tackle. Gluing tiny bits of tissue paper inside the empty jar creates the stained glass appearance. Add a flameless luminary to complete the look.

Advent Calendar –  It’s never too early to get started planning Christmas activities! This simple advent calendar utilizes baby food jars to store treats and slips describing an activity–one for each day leading up to Christmas!

DIY Magic 8 Ball – Magic 8 Balls are a lot of fun! Make your own with this easy tutorial featuring an empty, clean baby food jar and a clay facade! A perfect craft for preteens!

Bathroom Storage Plaque –  Painting and attaching the bottoms of seven baby food jars to a painted wooden plaque makes the perfect storage area for a variety of small bathroom products, like q-tips, bobby pins, tweezers, or other small items that are easily lost.

Baby Food Jar Lid Picture Magnets – Even if you only have the lids, you can make an adorable, personalized craft. Use a series of your favorite photos to create memory magnets for your fridge.

DIY Miniature Snowglobe – Snow globes are a fantastic and easy project that you’ll definitely want to give away as gifts! The sight of the delicate glitter “snow” falling around the tiny scene you made is sure to delight the recipient!

DIY Gel Air Fresheners – Can’t find your favorite scent at the supermarket or even at a specialty store?  You can easily make your own instead, storing the gels in an empty baby food jar. Enjoy the fresh scents of summer or spring all year long!

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