Cool Ways To Use Up Kitchen Scraps

Using items that people don’t often think about is a great way to use up everything and still make delicious meals, snacks or even wonderful home DIY’s.

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Fruit And Veg Scraps:

Vegetable Broth – You can make a delicious vegetable broth using peels, skins and unloved stems which all have just as much flavor.

Citrus Vinegar Cleaner – Make a fantastic home cleaner using the peels of your fruit.

Free Tomato Sauce/Soup – Using just the skin, seeds and cores of tomatoes (the bits we normally throw away) you can make a tasty batch of soup or sauce.

Parmesan Potato Skin Chips – Don’t throw out that potato peel, turn them into flavorsome chips which are perfect year round and super cheap too.

Candied Citrus Peels – You’ll be shocked at how good candied citrus peels are!

Easy Zest – Save all your citrus peels and dry them then use them whenever a recipe calls for zest or even to flavor teas.

Peel Extracts – This super easy tutorial will show you how you can make your own fruit extracts.

Meat And Fish:

Simple Giblet Gravy – Use the necks and innards of your meat and create a delicious gravy and get the most out of your meat.

How To Make Bone Broth – This wonderfully easy recipe will take any meat bones and make a delicious broth which when strained can be used as a great stock too.

Use Fish Heads– This super nutritious part of the fish often gets chucked out without a second look however it is great fr everything from curries to stews.

Super Simple Fish Stock – Using those horrible bones you can turn them into a wonderful stock which you can use fr soups, chowders or even risottos

Slightly Stale Bread:

Croutons – Use them to make a salad more exciting or add that extra something to a soup.

Bread Crumbs – This homemade recipe is perfect for coating fish or meat or in any recipe which calls for breadcrumbs.

French Onion Soup – Use your slightly stale bread with this super simple recipe for something a little different.

Stuffing – Make a delightful stuffing with a bread base which is perfect with any roasted meat.

Bread And Butter Pudding – This tasty treat is a great way to use up stale bread and have a decadent dessert too.

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