Creative Jell-O Recipes

1 Jell-O Egg

Jell-O Egg: JELL-O EGG JIGGLERS recipe (via Kraft Recipes)

2 Yogurt Jell-O Ribbon Salad


Yogurt Jell-O Ribbon Salad: The good old days inspire a delicious new gelatin salad flavored with today’s popular yogurt. (via Betty Crocker)

3 Rainbow Jell-O


Rainbow Jell-O: This rainbow jello recipe is like eye candy. And the best part is that it pretty much IS candy since it tastes as good as it looks! (via One Little Project)

4 Pink Jelly Fluff


Pink Jelly Fluff: A simple and delicious dessert or party food, Jelly Fluff requires just three ingredients. (via Childhood 101)

5 Very Berry Jell-O


Very Berry Jell-O: Very Berry Gelatin is a quick, easy and affordable summer side dish or dessert that will impress your guests. (via My Recipes)

6 Glow-in-the-Dark Jell-O


Glow-in-the-Dark Jell-O: Glow-in-the-dark Jell-O is here, to be your guide through the hot summer nights (via Bon Appétit)

7 Jell-O Pops


Jell-O Pops: These jelly pops are adorable served popsicle style using cut lengths of wooden coffee stirrers. Try the recipe! (via Tablespoon)

8 Spiced Coconut-Cherry Mold


Spiced Coconut-Cherry Mold: Coconut milk, cinnamon, and cardamom add exotic flavor to Spiced Coconut-Cherry Mold. Serve this instant new classic salad at a ladies’ luncheon or book club meeting, or for a family dessert that breaks the mold. (via My Recipes)

9 Cherry Coke Jello


Cherry Coke Jello: So easy and simple with so many fun variations! (via Something Swanky)

10 Colorful Christmas Jell-O


Colorful Christmas Jell-O (via La Receta de la Felicidad)

11 Fish Bowl Gelatin


Fish Bowl Gelatin: To make the soda go flat, twist off cap, and let the bottle stand at room temperature overnight. (via Martha Stewart)

12 Sparkling Jewel Jell-O


Sparkling Jewel Jell-O: Search thousands of recipes and get ideas for dinner with our Recipe Finder! (via Woman’s Day)

13 Spiked Rainbow Ribbon Salad


Spiked Rainbow Ribbon Salad: Given its iconic status, the Rainbow Ribbon Salad was due for a little spin, JSTK style. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you the Spiked Rainbow Ribbon Salad recipe. (via Tablespoon)

14 Jell-O Shaved Ice


Jell-O Shaved Ice: Jello Homemade Shaved Ice recipe. So easy and your kids will love helping you make it. Perfect for a Summer treat. (via Tips from a Typical Mom)

15 Jell-O Worms


Jell-O Worms: Notes: Use a cleaned 1-quart milk or orange juice carton to hold straws (via

16 Orange Creamsicle Jell-O Bites


Orange Creamsicle Jell-O Bites: Orange Creamsicle Yogurt Bites (via Cookies & Cups)

17 Jell-O Strawberry Parfait


Jell-O Strawberry Parfait (via Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart)

18 Jell-O Cherry Lollipops


Jell-O Cherry Lollipops: Get this delicious and easy-to-follow Cherry Lollipops recipe at Food Network. (via Food Network)

19 Jell-O Roll Ups


Jell-O Roll Ups (via The Partiologist)

20 Root Beer Float Jell-O

Root Beer Float Jell-O: root beer, summer, how to make jello, how to make Jell-o, Summer Jell-o ideas, finger jell-o, Jell-o jigglers, How to make gelatin treats (via Pint Sized Baker)

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