Deep Woods Tiny House In Northern California

This tiny house in the woods is dreamy and it takes only one look to notice this fact. It seems like the perfect gateway for a romantic weekend and a place where you can truly connect with nature. But most of all, it looks like the ideal place to relax and spend precious moments with your loved one.

The house is situated in Northern California, hidden in the woods in a beautiful scenery.

The whole structure came at a cost of only $1000 and it is run entirely on solar power so it is an environmentally conscious establishment.

There is a large area where you can sit and do your daily activities and then transform it into a sleeping space.

The structure was created out of the remains of an old ship and high quality wood and the large windows let the sunshine inside.

The large window on the top of the tiny house offers a beautiful view and you can lay down and watch the stars at night together with your loved one.

Photos and build by Maximillian Godino via Tiny House Swoon

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