Delicious Blackberry Recipes

Check out these 15 amazingly delicious blackberry dessert recipes that will make sure you never skip out on the blackberries again!

1. Blackberry ginger bars


Blackberries and ginger make a combination that is both fragrant and flavourful. Putting that filling into these oatmeal bars keeps things slightly n the healthy side, as far as baked goods are concerned! See the recipe on Driscoll’s.

2. Blackberry and apple oaty flapjacks


Do you like the idea of oats and blackberries in one place but not the inclusion of ginger? That’s okay, it’s not for everyone. We bet you’d prefer this blackberry and apple recipe from Good to Know instead!

3. Blackberry pie bars


Do you ever look at the delicious piece of pie on your plate and think about how you can’t wait to tuck in, but how people almost always cut the slices too big, especially after a huge dinner? Try serving your guests these little blackberry pie bars instead! Everyone will get a little portion baked in delicious pie crust and if one bar isn’t enough, they can always go back for more. Buttercreek Mill shows you how they’re done.

4. Blackberry fool with homemade shortbread


This sweet, creamy blackberry dip tastes absolutely heavenly on shortbread, especially if you make that shortbread yourself! Lucky for all of us, Woman and Home outlines the steps for doing both!

5. Blackberry plum galette


If you’re a pie fan but you’ve never had a galette before, this recipe from Nosh On It is about to rock your world. often called the “lazy pie”, a galette is a free form pie made from willing and crust. It looks a little bit like a dessert pizza, but this blackberry version has our sweet tooth ready to go.

6. Blackberry and clotted cream shortcake


Any type of shortcake is good with us, but the second you add blackberries and clotted cream, we are entirely on board! BBC Good Food teaches you how to make this absolutely decadent spin on a classic recipe.

7. Blackberry coffee cake


Here’s another unique take on a common dish for you! Instead of just eating regular coffee cake (which is always nice, of course), why not change things up a bit by adding blackberries? Betty Crocker is here to help you out with that.

8. Blackberry chiffon pie


Besides being amazingly light and fluffy, this recipe has a lime-infused blackberry filling with a pressed vanilla wafer crust. Need we say more? Get all the details, ingredients, and instructions over at Chowhound!

9. Blackberry and apple loaf


In case you can’t tell by the number of things combining the two on this list, we think blackberries and apples make a pretty delicious fruit combination. This load will make you feel satisfied without being too dense or rich like some dessert and snack breads. Check it out on BBC Good Food!

10. Blackberry almond shortbread squares


we love shortbread for it’s classically delicious taste and melt-in-your-mouth texture, but sometimes it’s nice to step your favourite treats up a notch. La Mia Vita Dolce introduces you to a version of shortbread squares that also involves almonds and juicy blackberries!

11. Homemade blackberry custard


Rather than just pouring regular custard over a bowl of blackberries, why not bake the two together into a pie? We thought it was a pretty neat idea too! Head on over to Hub Pages to see exactly how this delicious recipe is created.

12. Blackberry cheesecake squares


Remember how we talked about portion sizes and pie slices? Cheesecakes fall into this category too! If your guests have just eaten a huge meal, they might only want a little bite of blackberry dessert. That’s where Food Network saves the day with these delicious little cheesecake squares!

13. Blackberry coconut macaroons


Coconut macaroons area popular treat, but you probably have an idea by now of how we love recipes that shake those classics up. Nosh On It is prepared to help you do just that using blackberries!

14. Blackberry buttermilk cake


Po’ Boy Livin’ Rich

15. Blackberry sorbet

blackberry sorbet recipe

We owe Joy of Baking a huge thank you for this recipe. Learning how to make your own ice creams or sorbets is a super useful kitchen skill, but we’re especially pleased to find a tutorial that actually deals with blackberries!

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